Haitian Racial Hierarchy

Haiti is a place in South Africa which was imposed under a three tier social or racial structure back during the colonial period.  Even today, the social class in Haiti is based on a class structure which groups people according to income,wealth, education and race.  Race is one of the most important factors that determine which class a certain person would be put into. If you wish to understand the racial hierarchy in Haiti, then the following given information will prove to be of a lot of use to you:

haitian racial hierarchy

The Upper class

The Haiti upper class was the most elite class and still is in many aspects.  This was the class of people who has become very wealthy and hence powerful due to their connection with the government and their officials.  It was the people belonging to this particular class who held key positions in real estate, trade, industry and other such professions. They were identified to belong to good families and were given the maximum privileges and rights.

The Middle Class

The middle class was that Haitian racial class which was not as wealthy and affluent as the upper class but still held some reputation and respect in the society due to their decent jobs, good salaries, decent race and also due to some level of political power.  People belonging to the middle class were often educated and held jobs at the businesses of the upper class.


After the Middle class, came the class of the peasants in the Haitian racial hierarchy. Peasants constituted of about 75% population of Haiti and owned their own land. Land in those times was a rural commodity which was valuable and the peasants did all that they could to retain their lands. Agricultural wages were low and so peasants weren’t very wealthy during those times.  This section or class of people enjoyed little benefits and very few social privileges. Their lives mostly revolved around farming and agriculture.

Urban Lower Class

Urban lower class also made for about 15% of the population in the 1980s and was a class that consisted of those who were socially heterogeneous.  They had little class consciousness and faced a lot of social and economic hardships. They were inclined towards education but had to often give up on the education due to money limitations. Some who managed to study moves to the middle class positions by getting decent jobs.