28 Gang Hierarchy

These number gangs are secretive gangs in South Africa which are not studied properly. Though not much research is available about them but they are definitely prison gangs and operate outside the prison walls too in the drug market. A study of these number gangs can help prevent many crimes in this country of extreme high crime rate. Below given is the hierarchy of the gang.

28 Gang Hierarchy

The 28s

They are the ones who have had sex and were raped in the gang, basically the sexual offenders. They agree to same sex relationships and normally work in the kitchens of the prison to share food equally. They are categorised into three groups, The Gold Line, The Silver Line and The Third Division.

The Gold Line

Otherwise known as blood line, they have entered this line by taking blood in stabbing a warder. They are all males. The hierarchy of this line is as follows:

The Lord

The camp of 28 is presided over by the high command of the military wing.

The Military Wing

The Judge

His job is handing down death sentences to both members and non members and oversees the entire procedure. He has some star tattoos on his shoulder symbolizing power, seven gold stars on the right shoulder and seven silver on his left.

The General

He has the power to declare war and issue weapons too. A bloodthirsty soldier is normally promoted to this post and he too has six gold stars on his right shoulder and six silver on the left.

The Colonel

He understands all the gang laws but does not carry any weapon with him. He gives punishments to the members and his gold and silver tattoos are four on either side.

The Wireless Operator

He is supposed to have a very good memory with the power to be aware of the doings that are happening in the gang. He makes a note of the prison food and possesses three stars each.

The Lieutenant

The information that is sent out to the upper and lower ranks are controlled by him. He in fact links up all of them and has an expertise on gang knowledge, its history, tests, recruits etc.

The Silver Line

Also known as The Female Line, the designation of this group is for the females or the wyfies of the gang. They supply sexual favours to the Gold Line. The hierarchy of this Line is:

The Civil Wing

The Governor General

He is law regulator and is responsible for issuing provisions on tobacco. He has seven gold and Silver Star tattoos.

The Doctor

He has six tattoos each and issues a knife that is used to harm someone. He also examines new members for rival gang tattoos and is also in charge of medical matters.

The Inspector

He also has six gold and Silver Star tattoos and is responsible for promoting gang mythology in the group and also communicates with other gangs and the warders.

The Clerk

He has each of four tattoos and is the secretary and the accountant of the gang.

The Magistrate

He sorts out the problem in and out of the gang and has three star tattoos each.

The Under Magistrate

He is a mediator solving problems for members above and below him.

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