African Animal Hierarchy

The vital role in the African Animal Hierarchy is played by the essential constituents of the ecosystem such as vegetation, termites, soil etc. The creatures who rule the African Animal Hierarchy are the predators who initiate the food chain. Various modes are opted by every species in order to hunt for the food resulting in huge competition for the search of prey and hence it leads to the jeopardy of weaker animals.

Universally, Lion holds the top position in the Hierarchy of African animals. Lions are able to hunt the prey of huge sizes such as giraffe, buffalo and even a sub adult elephant. Mostly female lions do hunting and male lions tend to store energy for the protection of their dominion. However, male lions possess more expertise in hunting as compared to females.

The next level in the Hierarchy is followed by hyenas. Hyenas are very acknowledged hunters. They belong to the generation of dogs and are equally successful predators as lions. They are extinguishable active in searching the prey and feed upon them.

The next position in the Hierarchy is held by the African painted wolf also famous as African wild dog. They usually hunt for the prey in a group of 30 African painted wolfs, and are considered as one of the successful hunters. They hardly miss their prey and can run up to 40 miles an hour. They belong to the category of endangered species, that is, they are left less in number and are in danger to get extinct soon. They feed on their prey as soon as possible in order to make sure that their prey does not get stolen by other animals.

African Animal Hierarchy
African Animal Hierarchy

After African painted wolfs, the next position in the African Animal Hierarchy is followed by leopards that are known for hunting in nights. They usually avoid the company of other animals and want to hunt their prey on their own. They have high probability of surviving as compared to other animals. They are able to protect their hunted prey from other animals with the ability to carry them while running or climbing trees, even when the hunted prey is heavier than itself.

The next level of the Hierarchy is occupied by Cheetahs which are popularly known as the fastest animal on earth. They utilize their ability of running fast while catching the prey. They usually feed upon small to intermediate sized antelopes. While hunting their prey, the cheetahs are also exposed to attack by other animals due to their small size.

This Hierarchy of the African apex predators serves as an important place in the food chain which is essential for the smooth regulation of the food web. Otherwise, the animals in Africa varies from a wide range that is, from herbivorous to omnivorous and from scavengers to parasites. An animal is fed upon another animal and in turn is consumed by some other animal leads to the continuous establishment of food chain which in turn is a part of the food web. Each individual in the African safari plays a crucial role in complimenting the beauty and intricacy of the wilderness of Africa.

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