Andhra Pradesh Police Hierarchy

Andhra Pradesh is one of the states in India and is capital is the popular Hyderabad. In order to ensure that peace is maintained within the state and those who commit unlawful activities and criminal activities are punished, a state level police department is put in place.

To ensure that all the responsibilities and activities of this department are properly distributed, there is a certain hierarchy or organization structure that is followed. This hierarchy helps to define the role of each person working for this department. If you wish to understand the AP Police hierarchy, you can go through the following given information or job posts.

Andhra Pradesh Police Hierarchy

Director General of Police

This is the highest position in the AP Police department or hierarchy and is taken by someone who has many years of experience and expertise in this field. He/she may be the head of administrative tasks but may not really work on the field. It is his responsibility to ensure that the department is running smoothly.

Additional Director General of Police

In the absence of the Director General of Police, the additional Director General of police plays the lead role and takes the major decisions on his behalf.

Inspector General of Police (IGP)

This is a senior level position in the AP Police department and the main task of the IGP is to ensure that all police stations are running smoothly under his guidance and instructions.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)

The DIG takes instructions from the IGP and works to ensure that all the police officers and constables are doing their job as per instructions. He must take care of the financing needs of the department and must allocate duties to subordinates.

Superintendent of Police (SP)

The SP makes sure that the instructions of the DIG are properly and uniformly implemented throughout the department.

Additional Superintendent of Police

Within the administration of the SP works the Additional SP. The Additional SP basically manages the operations of the police stations on the instructions of the DIG or SP.

Deputy Superintendent of Police

This police rank is one of importance and the person working on it must work under the instructions of the SP. The DSP gives instructions of the inspectors who work under him

Inspector of Police

Each police station has a number of inspectors of police. These are those individual who are always present on field and make sure that criminal activities from the area they are responsible for can be minimized. They are responsible for catching criminals and acting on leads.

Sub Inspector of Police

After gaining experience of a few years on this post can one become the inspector.

Assistant Sub Inspector of Police

This is one of the lower level positions in the police department of Andhra Pradesh and is taken by one who is still in training to become the inspector of Police.

Head Constable

Constables are responsible for following instructions of the inspectors and others in the police force


This is the lowest ranking position in the AP Police hierarchy.

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