Animal Farm Hierarchy

Animal Farm Hierarchy distinguishes and showcases the animal in terms of the power. The Leader is at the top of the administration due to his power and his Ministers hold a position lower to the Leader whereas the Hierarchy of Animals that are at the lowest level are just workers for the Leader but this is a satire done by famous but controversial writer George Orwell who used Animal Farm Hierarchy to represent the Class system, the differentiation and discrimination going on in the society. George Orwell through Animal Farm brings the lesson that only the Power is Supreme of all and person having the Supreme Power possess everything.

The Napoleon symbolizes the King or the Upper Class with Supreme Power, whereas the Pigs act as Ministers having lesser power than the Napoleon but more than the others and the dogs are Classified as the Securities whose major responsibility is to protect other animals but their major time is consumed protecting and serving the Napoleon and then comes the rest of the animals who portray the Working Class, the Common People who just obey the Leader their entire life and serve the Upper Class and is unaware of the facts going on in the world.

Animal Farm Hierarchy
Animal Farm Hierarchy

The Animal Farm Hierarchy is being explained deeply as below:

  • The Napoleon: A huge rather outrageous brawling looking Berkshire Pig, a Boar, represents Capitalistic Class, a symbol of being a Leader. He is habitual of getting the things as he is desired to have and love to suppress others before him. Everyone has to bow before him since he holds the extreme position as a Leader. He is also symbolized as the core villain in the Animal Farm Hierarchy. The Napoleon represents the Upper Class in the world, the famous and the rich one.
  • The Pigs: The Pigs in the Animal Farm Hierarchy represent themselves as the Napoleon’s right hand and having the position as of Ministers in the farm. They possess the powers more than other animals of the farm but lesser than that of the Napoleon. The Pigs showcase the Ministry Class in the world.
  • The Dogs: The Dogs in the Animal Farm Hierarchy illustrate the symbol of Army or in simple words one can say they depict themselves as the Security in the Animal Farm Hierarchy. Their major task is to maintain law and order and protect the farm animals but in actual their major time is spent in the protection of Napoleon as his security force. The Dogs showcase the Police in the world.
  • The Other Animals: All of the other animals in Animal Farm Hierarchy symbolize the Common Man means the Lower Class which has to accept whatever going on without a single question, has to obey the orders and rules without any denial and has to follow the Leader and his orders. Though they possess more strength and are quantitatively more than the Upper Class but yet they have to be obedient to the Leader and the Ministers just because they possess less knowledge than them. The rest of the animals represent the Working Class in the world in the Animal Farm Hierarchy.

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