Animation Company Hierarchy

An Animation company is a company which is engaged in producing animated movies and works. With advancements in technology and animation tools, animation companies are now able to produce magnificent animated films. But unlike what people think, an animation company does not only consist of animation artists and technical experts but is made up of many other individuals. Among all the job positions, some come at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, while some lie lower down the order. To understand the hierarchy of an animation company, you can go through the following given information.

Animation company hierarchy


The owner or director of an animation company is the main head or decision maker of the company and is sometimes also referred to as the founder. The owner is responsible for running the company, taking major decisions, setting goals and taking the business forward.

Technical Director

The technical director is the head of the technical department and handles all the technical aspects of animation from equipment to technology to programming and UNIX.

Director of Photography

In some animated movies, a proper shooting of animated sequences may be needed and this is supervised by the director of photographer who also heads other photographers.

Production Background Head

This individual works in an animation company and arranges for the background paintings etc. needed for the final version of the film or movie produced.

Photo Science Engineer

The photo science engineer holds an important position in an animation company and it is his responsibility to obtain masters from the completed film to film negative and get high definition video from digital cinema.

Editorial Cartoonist

Animation may be a lot about technology and software but it is greatly dependent upon artists who first draw the preliminary sketches or cartoons. The editorial cartoonist is the one who creates the cartoons with a team of other artists and uses skills and knowledge to do so. He/she may work with the technical director and other producers to work on the cartoons.

Story Artist

The story artist creates sketches for the movement, sceneries and ideas through the film.

Layout /Background Artist

The background artist is responsible for creating the backdrops of each scene or frame.

Studio Background Artist

This artist prepares noncommercial backgrounds for presentation or publicity purposes.

Finance and Marketing Department

Besides the above mentioned job positions, every animation company also has a finance and marketing department to take care of financial matters as well as marketing of the company and movies produced.