Apparel Company Hierarchy

Apparel manufacturing is fast growing as an industry and is a growing sector in developing and under developed countries.  Apparel companies are basically responsible for creating, designing and manufacturing apparels of different kinds so as to sell them out to the target audience either through company stores or through other retail chains.

The hierarchy structure of job positions within an apparel company is diverse and varied and this is so because the company is made up of different departments performing different roles. The following is a detailed hierarchical structure of an apparel company.

apparel company hierarchy


The chairman of an apparel company holds the topmost position of power and administration in such an organization and owns the company. He/she is responsible for the initial set up and hiring of other employees of the company.  The chairman is also the president of the board.

Managing Director

After the position of the chairman comes the next highest most position in an apparel company and that is the managing director or MD. The managing director is the head of the managerial aspects of the business and works closely through all the operations and functions of the company. All the managers and administrators of the company may report to the MD.

Executive Director

The Executive director reports to the MD and is the person who heads all the departments including finance, accountancy, sales, manufacturing and marketing. He/she looks after the execution of the plans and projects.

General Manager

The general manager heads the production and quality of the apparel company and each of the departments may have their own general managers.  General Managers take care of the day to day administration of the company and see to it that all tasks run smoothly.

Departmental Manager

Each department is headed by the departmental manager who makes sure that the tasks in his/her department are running smoothly and are well coordinated with that of other departments.

Assistant Manager

Assistant managers work under general or departmental managers and take their orders to execute daily tasks without glitches and errors. They help all the employees of the department in reaching their particular goals.

Operators and Workers

Each department is made up of a number of operators and workers who are skilled professionals who carry out tasks such as designing, stitching, running machines, running sales, performing marketing tasks, doing accountancy and handling finances.  These are the professionals who form the backbone of the organization.

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