Architecture Job Hierarchy

An architect is a person who is professionally qualified to build plans, designs and other attributes. Architects either work on a freelance basis or for architect firms or companies. Within an architect firm, there are many job positions or progressions to which one moves as he/she gains experience and expertise. This progression of positions thus forms a hierarchical structure which is known as architect job hierarchy.

Those at the highest level have the maximum responsibilities and expertise whereas those placed at a lower level have lower responsibilities and experience. The following is a detailed architecture job hierarchy which you can go through for your reference.

Architecture job hierarchy


The highest position to which one can reach in the architecture field of work is a senior principal or partner. He/she is basically the owner or main shareholder and may also hold the title of the president, chief executive officer or partner. This individual holds the main power or decision making capabilities and is the one whose decisions cannot be turned down by anyone.


The next position in the field of architecture is that of the mid-level Principal or partner. This individual works directly under the partner and some of the titles that may be used to denote him/her include executive or senior vice president. This individual too holds a strong position in the Architectural company and makes many important decisions for the firm.


After the mid level principal or partner, the position of the junior principal or partner comes. This is the person who has recently been made a partner or principal of the firm and the title may include vice president.


The next position is that of the senior manager or the department head. He/she is the non registered graduate and is mainly responsible for the functions of the major departments. He/she reports to the partner and must perform day to day managerial and supervisory tasks.


The project manager must have atleast 10 years of experience and is responsible for seeing that all projects run smoothly. He/she may take care of the budgeting, scheduling and of the client contracts.  Project managers must ensure that all tasks are done as per the client’s instructions and specifications.


The senior architect or designer is the person who is licensed and qualified and holds about 8 years of experience. He/she holds the responsibility of the minor projects and for selecting, evaluating and implementing procedures and processes.


At the next position in the hierarchical structure of an architect’s job comes with position of the licensed architect who is a nonregistered graduate with 6-8 years of experience. Any person working on this position is responsible for daily designing tasks or technical development of project.


Interns are unregistered or still graduating architecture students who work as trainees in the firm to gain some exposure and experience. Interns perform clerical tasks and help other architects in their day to day tasks and designing works.