Australian Political Hierarchy

The political system in Australia can be considered similar to the hierarchical system of the politics in America and Britain.  In Australia, the liberal democracy was built in similarity to the constitutional monarchy of US federal system and the British Westminster system.

In a broader sense, Australian political system operates the functions of it government as a two party system.  Since it follows constitutional monarchy, the head of the state is Queen Elizabeth II.  The members of the federal parliament of Australia are elected by the citizens of this country.  The political hierarchy of the australia is basically divided into three wings, which are given as follows

A) Executive Level

This is the topmost level of Australian political hierarchy and is headed by the Monarch.  The Monarch of Australia is represented by the Governor General.  This level is divided as follows

1. Monarch-The Monarch is represented by the governor general who holds topmost power and has the right of electing ministers, judges, ambassadors and is the President of the Federal Executive council as well as Australian defense force’s commander in chief.

2. Prime minister of Australia-This is the second position within the executive level and is the highest governmental minister.  He is the head of government and the leader of the cabinet.  The prime minister works on the advice and with the support of the cabinet

  • Cabinet-Consists of the council of senior ministers who are responsible to the parliament. The governor general of Australia elects the cabinet ministers.

B) Judicial Level

This is another level of the Australian political system and consists of all those bodies which make decisions regarding law enforcements. This level is divided in the following way:

1. The High court of Australia-This is the supreme court of this country and is the final court of Appeal in the country.  The High court of Australia comprised of seven justices headed by Chief justice of Australia court.

2. State supreme courts

3. Inferior courts

C) Legislative Level

This is that leg of the political system of the country which is concerned with the development of laws as well as their creation.  This level is headed by the Parliament which is known as the Commonwealth parliament or the Federal parliament.

1. Senate

2. Monarch

3. House of representatives

Apart from these three levels, the following is another important part of the political system of Australia-

D) State and Local Government

Each state in Australia has its own bicameral parliament and also a governor.  The local government can be considered as the third tier of the government.