Baseball Team Hierarchy

Baseball team hierarchy demonstrates all the associates involved with the baseball game. Baseball is not just a bat & ball game played by two teams with nine players each. Behind the scenes are other people involved too who contribute their part for making the game run smooth and fine for the spectators. These people play their roles specified to them. Let us have a quick look at the baseball team hierarchy which is as follows

Baseball Team Hierarchy

  • Administrative Cluster
  • Playing Squad
  • Coaching Team
  • Team Supervision
  • Medical Team
  • Technical Squad
  • Supportive Team

Administrative Cluster

 The administrative group plays an important role in the smooth run of the baseball game. This group of people that manages each and every important aspect of the game from arranging the matches to handling the leagues and player contracts and sponsorships etc and many more. Unquestionably administrative group resides at the topmost level in the baseball team hierarchy.

Playing Squad

 What would be a game without its players? The playing squad plays an important role in every game. In the baseball team, each team has nine players playing on the field. Players are always required to be physically and mentally fit. These are the finest players who make it to the team after putting in extremely hard efforts in the game.

Coaching Team

 Coaches always play a decisive role for any baseball team. Coaches assist the players to bring out their string points and remove out their weak points. Normally more than one coach is associated with the team to help them as much as possible. The baseball coaching team further has a hierarchy of its own which is as follows

  • Head Coach
  • Subordinate Coach
  • Conditioning Coach
  • Technical Coach

Team Supervision

 Team management is next in the list of the cricket team hierarchy. This group is entirely different from the administrative group since this group only manages the team which includes the interaction of players & coaches with media, press conferences, the arrangement of team in hotels making sure the team is following the rules & regulations etc and many more such things which revolves around the team only.

Medical Team

 A team of medical professionals are always there with the baseball team to provide medical assistant in case of any need or help or emergency. The medical team basically include following for the baseball team hierarchy. Have a look –

  • a physiotherapist
  • a general doctor
  • a masseur
  • a conditioning doctor (generally a psychiatrist)

Technical Squad

 The technical squad comprise of technological professionals who all work together to provide their support to the players and coaches as well for any sort of technical assistance. A technical coach is the head of the technical squad.

Supportive Team

There are plentiful more professionals in the baseball team hierarchy. These professionals are equipped with specific roles and fulfill their roles with full devotion. These professionals comprise the supportive staff group.