BMW Corporate Hierarchy

Large organizations like BMW automobile company have a tall organizational structure that looks like a pyramid, with several management layers that reflect a more complex reporting structure with each and every employee having a specific operational role. A brief outline of the BMW Corporate Hierarchy is given below.

BMW Corporate Hierarchy


President/Chairman forms the apex of the BMW corporate, pyramidal structure.

  • President/Chairman: His responsibilities include the implementation of the vision, mission and strategies of the Company. He is the head or presiding officer of the Board of Management.

Top Level

The Board of Management includes the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the Directors of the various departments like Development, Production, Finance, Purchasing and Supplier network, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and After Sales. The Chairman or President is the presiding officer of the Board.

  • Vice President: He is responsible for carrying out the strategic plan through overseeing operations, developing functional roles and assigning responsibilities to employees who report to him. He is involved in the operational aspects of the Company.
  • Secretary: He is responsible for managing all board and committee meeting logistics and advises the board on its roles and responsibilities and facilitates the orientation of new Directors and assists in Director training and development;
  • Treasurer: He looks after the financial planning and budgeting, financial reporting, controlling of the fixed assets and stock, funding, fundraising, sales and general financial oversight.
  • Directors- The directors of the various departments of the company like Development, Production, Finance, Purchasing and Supplier network, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and After sales, oversees the activities and proper functioning of the various departments.

Second Level

This level comprises of the Executive Director.

  • Executive Director- The role of the executive director is to design, develop and implement strategic plans for the organization in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. The executive director is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization, which includes managing committees and staff as well as developing business plans in collaboration with the board. He is accountable to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and reports to the Board on a regular basis. He is assisted by the Executive assistant.

Third Level

This level comprises of the Office Manager Accountant: Managing Editor: Art Director Advertising Director and Volunteer staff.

  • Office Manager: He has a good knowledge of the vehicle parts and retail automotive experience, recording office expenditure and managing the budget; maintaining the condition of the office and arranging for necessary repairs;
  • Accountant: He specializes in business accounting and maintains an organization’s financial records to ensure compliancy with laws, regulations and the organization’s policies. Much of the work of corporate accountants is used internally to help executives make financial decisions for the organization.
  • Managing Editor: The managing editor directly oversees all other editors, acting as a supervisor, mentor and guide.
  • Art Director: He gains an understanding of the target audience and business that the advertisement is aimed at; briefs other members of the creative team; visits and assesses locations for potential shoots; commissions photographers, artists or film-makers to work on projects;
  • Advertising Director: He leads the sales management, automobile development, distribution channel management and marketing communications including advertising promotions.
  • Volunteer staff to assist the director and the Executive Director

Fourth Level

This level forms the lowest rung of the organizational structure and comprises of the receptionist Membership.

  • Receptionist Membership: Performs clerical tasks and handles customer enquiries.

Thus a large company like BMW has a well organized corporate structure with many layers of management.