Bonnano Crime Family Hierarchy

The Bonnano Crime family was one of the 5 families which dominated the organized crime activities in United States and especially New York within the nationwide phenomenon which was known as American Mafia.  This criminal family was founded by Joseph Bonnano and served as the head for over 30 years.

This crime family followed a hierarchy structure according to which the one at the top of the hierarchy pyramid was the most powerful and had the maximum responsibility.  The subsequent positions were taken by others of the family who had relatively smaller roles.  To understand the family hierarchy of the Bonnanos, you can go through the following given information.

bonnano crime family hierarchy

The Boss

At the top of the family hierarchy of the Bonnano was the Boss who was the leader of the family and was the major decision-maker. He designated duties to the others and was respected and feared by the others. No one could go against the decisions of the Boss.

Street Boss

The Street Boss was next in line in the family hierarchy and was responsible for passing on the orders and instructions to the others in the family or the lower ranking members.  In some of the cases, a Ruling panel of Capos took the role of the street boss.  The other family members may choose to assemble a ruling panel in the case the boss dies or is taken into prison.


The third in command of the Bonnano crime family was the underboss who handled many divisions of the business and took many important decisions. Many lower ranking members of the family reported to the Underboss regarding several matters.


The Consigliere too held a very important position in the family and reported directly to the Boss. He was responsible for many important tasks such as communicating with suppliers and other business heads.


Soldiers were the lower ranking members of the Bonnano crime family and performed their duties according to the instructions given by the higher level members. They performed on field jobs and were responsible for distribution of goods and products etc. as well. There were many soldiers who served the Bonnano family.

On the Sidelines

Besides the members of the family or the members of the inner circle, there were many more people who worked for the mafia family on temporary basis.  These people hardly ever made it to the inner circle.

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