BPO Job Hierarchy

BPO involves contracting a specific business process’s responsibilities and operations to a third party services provider. BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is amongst the biggest industries especially in the developing countries of the world and it has clearly changed the employment structure in many parts of the world.

BPO job hierarchy

There are various job posts in a BPO Company and the hierarchy of the same is given below:

Center Manager

The person at the post is responsible for the overall performance of the organization and needs to take the important decisions regarding the processes, the people, the technology and of course the customers and is also required to design strategies for the future development of the company. He or she usually has a team of leader working under him or her and needs to report about various aspects of the company. He or she also works as the connecting link between the various departments of the company and needs to posses excellent organizational skills.

Supervisor/Team Leader/Manager

This person needs to manage a team of agents and the team leader needs to ensure that the agents are reaching their target and are also required to train and coach them in order to make sure that they are doing so. The various team leaders of the organization need to meet the manager regularly to report the performances of their respective teams and also for instructions.

The Team leaders also need to keep the agents working under informed of whatever is happening in the company and anything that might affect their performance. Team leaders might also be involved in recruiting agents for working on their projects.

Operational Manager

Estimating and resource planning is what the operational manager needs to look after and he also needs to be good with the statistics needs to be technically inclined. He or she has a major supporting role to pay in the BPO.

Human Resource

Responsible for hiring and recruiting new employees in different positions and also need to ensure that the terms and conditions are all in place as far as the employees are concerned. They also need to look after the personal and professional problems that an individual employee faces.


A high level of ongoing training is required as that is provided by the trainers who generally are the part of individual teams.


A coach is generally present only in the large corporate houses and he or she is there is offer additional knowledge and technical support to the team members along with the team leaders and help members to improve their performances as well.


A BPO agent needs to make and take calls on behalf of the entire organization and solve customer queries. The job hierarchy description of an agent varies from BPOs to BPOs. There can be different agents in the company like a sales agent who must have the ability to sell products and/or services, a service agent who should learn the art of developing a good customer relationship and a debt management agent who should possess great negotiation skills.