Casino Management Hierarchy

Management and organization of any business entity is an important process which ensures its success and is critical to its daily operations. Same is true for a casino. A casino is a place with gaming machines and manual gaming counters and to run it, a well thought out business plan and organization structure is needed.

Since large amounts of money enter and leave a casino everyday, management or resources and money is also highly important for any casino.  Thus, a casino has a large number of managerial positions divided on the basis of hierarchy. The following is a detailed casino management hierarchy structure:


At the top level of management and administration of every casino is a president or owner of that casino. He/she is responsible for the functioning and operations of the casino and guides the day to day operations and activities.  He/she takes the major decisions and makes strategies for financial gain of the casino.

A) Vice President

The vice president of a casino holds the second highest position in the management pyramid of a casino.  He/she basically oversees the specific aspects of operations such as security, finance and human resources.  The following are some of the job positions which lie under the position of the vice president

1. VP of finances

The VP of finances handles all the finance and accounts related matters of the casino and ensures proper organization, allocation and management.  He/she is responsible for collections, purchasing, casino cage operations, accounting and credit approval etc.

2. VP of human resources

The VP of human resources looks after all matters related to employee management, recruiting, employee relations, salary distribution and payroll management.

3. VP of security

Management of security is very important for a casino and the VP of security is the one responsible for it. He/she is responsible for surveillance, safety and risk management.

B) Managers

In the pyramid of hierarchy of a casino, managers hold a very important position. They have the authority over the day to day workings and matters of the casino premises and are present in the casino at all times to ensure customer care, taking care of slot machines and supervision. The following are some of the positions within this level of hierarchical pyramid.

  • Customer service manager
  • Slot machine manager
  • Table games manager
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Shift manager
  • Casino cage manager
  • Floor manager
  • Pit manager
  • Accounts manager
  • Security manager

C) Base Level Managerial Positions

The next level of hierarchy of casino management is the base level. At this level, there are many individuals who help in the running of the casino and are the ones who are directly in touch with customers. The following are some of the positions.

  • Table game dealers
  • Slot machine attendants
  • Food and beverage servers
  • Receptionist
  • Casino cashier
  • Security personnel
  • Valet drivers
  • Bellman
  • Concierge staff
  • Surveillance team-The surveillance team is also a part of the base level management of a casino and is the employees who keep the environment of the casino safe.  They install surveillance machines and 7keep an eye on the activities inside the casino.