China Military Hierarchy

Being a part of the military is considered as one of the highest honor in a person’s life. Serving the motherland is a matter of high prestige and esteem. China military hierarchy is also termed as People’s Republic of China. Ranks and insignia were not always used by military of china until the year 1955 as a result of Cultural Revolution.

The ‘Jiang’ rank is held by the general officers in the military while the ‘Xiao’ rank is held by the field officers and ‘Wei’ rank is held by company grade officers. The China military hierarchy is described from the highest rank to the lower one in brief as below:

China Military Hierarchy
China Military Hierarchy
  • Yi Ji Shang Jiang / First Class General – The highest rank in the China military hierarchy is Yi Ji Shang Jiang equivalent to First Class General in US military but this rank was abolished in 1994 and since then has never been held.
  • Shang Jiang / General – The highest rank held in present in china military is of Shang Jiang equivalent to the rank General, OF – 9. The insignia of this military rank in china incorporates three stars.
  • Zhong Jiang / Lieutenant General – Zhong Jiang rank in china military hierarchy is equivalent to Lieutenant General Rank, OF – 8 in US military hierarchy with insignia incorporating two stars.
  • Shao Jiang / Major General – The rank equivalent of Shao Jiang in US military ranks is OF – 7, Major General with insignia having one star.
  • Da Xiao / Senior Colonel – The next rank in the hierarchy is Da Xiao, highest field officer rank, equivalent to Brigadier / Senior Colonel Rank, OF – 6.
  • Shang Xiao / Colonel – Shang Xiao is the second highest rank in field officer ranks in China military hierarchy. In US military ranks, the rank Colonel is used for this rank with rank equivalent OF – 5.
  • Zhong Xiao / Lieutenant Colonel – This rank is also termed as middle field officer rank which is equivalent to OF – 4 ranks, Lieutenant Colonel Rank in US military hierarchy.
  • Shao Xiao / Major – Shao Xiao is a junior field officer rank with NATO Military rank OF – 3, equivalent to Major rank in the military.
  • Da Wei / Senior Captain – This is the highest rank of company grade officers but currently abolished since 1955 – 1965 reestablishment of ranks. This rank in general is equivalent to Senior Captain Rank.
  • Shang Wei / Captain – Currently this is considered the highest company grade officer rank, equivalent to Captain rank with NATO rank equivalent to OF – 2.
  • Zhing Wei / First Lieutenant – This rank incorporates OF – 1 rank, First Lieutenant in military hierarchy.
  • Shao Wei / Second Lieutenant – This Company grade officer rank is equivalent to OF – 1 Rank, Second Lieutenant.

Xue Yuan / Officer Cadet – The lowest rank in China military hierarchy is Xue Yuan equivalent to an officer cadet.