China Police Hierarchy

The National Police Agency of the Ministry of the Interior is the National police force of the Republic of China.  This agency oversees the police forces of the entire country and its headquarters are in Taipei City.  The Police organization of China is well divided and organized into a police hierarchical system on the basis of their individuals responsibilities and duties.

Each of these divisions is designated to do certain tasks which are particular to them.  The central government appoints officers for city and county police enforcements and thus a solid chain of command is followed.  So the hierarchy is as follows:

  • Executive Yuan
  • Ministry of Interior
  • National Police  Agency
  • NPA Units
  • Division/ Squad/Precinct
  • Station
  • Beat

Now let’s look at the hierarchy structure within each of these divisions

NPA Units

NPA has control over the following agencies and units, apart from its internal administrative offices.

Central Investigation Bureau

The CIB is responsible for the resolving and investigation of cases of national importance such as forensic crimes, computer related crimes and high profile cases.  The following are the agencies which come under its command

    • Crime prevention section
    • Anti-Hoodlum section
    • Crime prevention and detection command center
    • Crime investigation section
    • Criminal records section
    • Law and regulations research section
    • Research and development section
    •  INTERPOL Radio center
    •  International criminals affairs section
    •  Public relations office
    •  Secretariat
    • Logistics section
    •  Accounting office
    • Public security office
    •  Personnel office
    •  Internal affairs office
    •  9 active field police squads
    •  Forensic science center
    • High technology crime prevention center

Special Police Corps

There are 7 individual special police corps and these are also known as peace preservation police corps. These police corps are basically rapid deployment police forces. These are the first corps, the second corps, the third corps, the fourth corps, the fifth corps, the sixth corps and The Taiwan Special police corps which in turn have 6 special police brigades that have been inherited from late Taiwan provincial police administration.

  • National Highway police bureau
  • Harbor police offices
  • Railway police bureau
  • Airport police bureau
  • National park police corps
  • Police armory
  • Civil defense headquarters
  • Taiwan police college
  • Police radio station
  • Police telecommunications office
  • Task force formations under NPA-Forest and nature conversation police unit, telecommunications police corps, environmental protection police corps

Local agencies

Local police departments exist all over the country at city and district levels.  In total, there are 26 local police departments.

Municipal Police Departments

These police departments work at the municipal levels.

  • Taipei City police department
  • Kaohsiung city police department
  • Island police departments in Fujian
  • Kinmen county police department
  • Lienchiang county police department

The following are the various ranks of police officers in China

  • Police supervisor rank supreme-also known as the police general
  • Police supervisor rank 1
  • Police supervisor rank 2
  • Police supervisor rank 3
  • Police supervisor rank 4
  • Police officer rank 1
  • Police officer rank 2
  • Police officer rank 3
  • Police officer rank 4
  • Police rank 1
  • Police rank 2
  • Police rank 3
  • Police rank 4