China Political Hierarchy

The people’s congress system is the fundamental system of the political system of China.  This system is subdivided into People’s Congresses at all the local levels as well as the National People’s congress which functions at the central level.  The communist party in China is the single most important branch of the political system of the country and founded the People’s Republic of China.

The NPC is the top power in the country and elects the top governmental executives.  It also sets the budgets and has the power to remove elected officials.  Chinese political system works on a hierarchical system which means that starting from the top level, the distribution of power goes down to the most basic level. To understand this, you can refer to the following given information:

A) National People’s Congress

National People’s congress or NPC is the level of top importance in the political system of China and is responsible for many matters like supervising, enacting, amending the laws and also looking into the issues of criminal offences, state organs and civil affairs.  All the other bodies functioning on the political system of China come under the level of the NPC.

1. Standing Committee of National people’s Congress

This is that committee which comes under the NPC and consists of the following given sub levels

  • Chairman of the committee
  • Vice chairman of the committee
  • Secretary general of the committee
  • Committee members

The NPC also consists of the following special committees and Working and administrative bodies of the standing committee

2. Special Committees

  • Special committee for ethnic affairs
  • Special committee for law
  • Special committee for foreign affairs
  • Special committee for finance and economy
  • Special committee for education science culture and public health
  • Special committee for internal and judicial affairs
  • Special committee for environmental protection
  • Special committee for resources conversation
  • Special committee for rural development

3. Working and Administrative Bodies of the Standing Committee

  • General office
  • Legislative affairs commission
  • Budgetary affairs 4 commission
  • Credentials committee
  • Macao special administrative region basic law committee
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative region basic law committee

B) Local People’s Congress

The people’s congress at the local governmental level is functional at the level of the municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions and comes directly under the central government.

C) Deputies of the People’s Congress

The deputies of the people’s congress hold the last position in the hierarchy structure of China’s political system. The deputies who form this level are elected by the People’s Congresses which work in the autonomic regions and the provinces.