Clothing Company Hierarchy

A clothing company is a kind of an organization which is involved in the manufacturing and selling of clothes or apparels. Such companies are usually involved in either small scale or large scale production of clothes and can be of many types depending upon the kinds of clothes they produce. For example, some clothing company produce only women’s wear whereas some produce clothes for men, women and children and so one. These companies work on the basis of an organization structural, the hierarchy of which you can understand by reading the following given information.

Clothing company hierarchy


Any clothing company needs a main leader or head who not only takes the major decisions but also delegates duties and holds the main power. In a clothing company, this position is given to a Chairman. The chairman basically owns the company and is the one who establishes the firm from scratch. He is also referred to as the president of the board.

Managing Director

Right after the position of the chairman is a position which is associated with directly handling the operations of the firm.  This is the position of the managing director or MD. The MD is appointed by the chairman himself and is one who is the head of the managerial aspects of the business. He works closely through all the operations and functions of the clothing company Organization and is the main supervisory position.

Executive Director

At the next position of the hierarchical order is the position of the executive director. The Executive director directly works under the MD and reports him. He is the one who basically heads all the departments including finance, accountancy, sales, manufacturing and marketing. He works to ensure proper coordination between these departments and sees to it that all major tasks are being done in proper order.

General Manager

The general manager position is that of utmost importance in any clothing company and is one which is associated with the production and quality of the apparel company. The general manager wears many hats and should possess exceptional managerial skills. He sees to it that the day to day tasks are going on smoothly and that the problems are resolved on time and in a fair way.

Departmental Manager

A clothing company has several departments and to head each, there is a departmental manager assigned. The main task of a departmental manager is to makes sure that the tasks in his/her department are going on smoothly and are well coordinated both internally and externally.

Assistant Manager

Assistant managers are those administrators who work under general or departmental managers. They may perform tasks on behalf of the managers working above them and may still be new to management. They must help the managers reach goals on time and within budget.

Operators and Workers

Every department in a clothing company consists of several individuals or employees who perform important tasks like finances, handling accounts, running sales, handling marketing, manufacturing clothes, designing and others. They form the backbone of the company and their jobs are usually skill based.