Cognizant Career Hierarchy

Cognizant is an American multinational company which provides consulting services, custom information technology and business process outsourcing services.  This is an IT services company which has its legs in many countries all over the world but with headquarters in New Jersey, USA. Like other IT consulting and service companies, Cognizant too works with the support of various employees placed at many different job positions.

There is a proper hierarchical system or structure followed in the company on the basis of which an employee is promoted. To understand this structure, you can go through the following given information.

Cognizant career hierarchy

Programmer Analyst Trainee

At the bottom of the hierarchical structure at Cognizant is the position of a programmer analyst trainee. This is the entry level position at which one can work after graduating in the field of IT from a college or university.  This is a position where one can learn, acquire skills and offer his/her services for a prescribed training duration. These individuals are also known as IT assistants.

Programmer Analyst

The position of a programmer analyst or an IT analyst is a step higher than the IT trainee. Programmer analysts report to project managers and their job is to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of a computer network. They must configure, deploy and monitor the data networks and infrastructure to reach technical excellent.

IT Engineer/Associate

An IT  engineer’s job position is a position which requires a candidate to have exceptional IT knowledge, skills and clarity of mathematical concepts, technical concepts and other related skills. An IT engineer or associate plays an important role in the hierarchical structure of this company

IT Project Manager

The position of an IT project manager is senior level position at which one can reach after spending atleast 5-7 years in the company or in the industry.  The entire technical staff works under the supervision of the project manager and report to him. The main responsibility of an IT project manager is to complete the projects on time and within the budget.


After a person has spent enough number of years as an IT project manager and then the senior manager (this position is valid at some branches of Cognizant), he/she can then aim for the position of the director. This is the senior most position in the company and is occupied by someone who has the right experience, track record, technical skills, managerial skills as well as knowledge.

Some of the other job positions which Cognizant may have in some of its branches include Senior Director, President, and Associate President Etc.