Consultant Jobs Hierarchy

One of the most important types of administrative jobs is consultant job stream, a covetous and ardent professional hired to provide expectant and amorous advice to the clients regarding his area of specialization.

These acquisitive professionals are also referred as Advisors in a common trend. These professional are equipped with a wide and immense knowledge of their area of specialization. There are various tracks or streams for consultant job career which a consultant can opt for a bright career which are described as below:

Consultant Jobs Hierarchy
Consultant Jobs Hierarchy
  • Finance consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Public Relation Consultant
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Accounts Consultant
  • Security Consultant
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Strategy development Consultant

Companies hire two types of consultant which are Internal Consultants and External Consultants. Internal consultants are employed by a firm on salary basis to provide his expertise consultation on a permanent basis whereas external consultants work on temporary basis for the firm for a pre specified fixed amount of money. External consultants work with multiple changing clients from time to time working as freelancer. The consulting jobs vary from the entry level job titles to the highest job titles attained in a company. This job hierarchy in a consultant career is described as below:

Consultant Jobs Hierarchy1
Consultant Jobs Hierarchy1
  • Business Consulting Director – In some companies, this job title is also referred to as a Consulting partner. This is highest job title a professional can achieve in a consultant career track. The major responsibility associated with job title is maintain and handling executive level relationships with company’s clients.
  • Business Consulting Manager– The second highest job titles in the consulting job hierarchy is business consulting manager, a professional engaged in the continuous development of high level relationships with the clients and possessing an expectant track record in team management.
  • Senior Business Consultant – As the name implies these professionals’ works at a higher administration level for the company’s profit and benefit by using their vital bag of experience and immense knowledge.
  • Business Consultant – Business consultants possess in depth knowledge of expectant strategic consulting along with an amorous client facing presence. Business analysts having minimum three to five years of experience get promoted to this job title.
  • Business Analyst – Next step in this hierarchy is business analyst which a trainee consultant employs after gaining vital experience. Their major job duties involve doing analysis and data modeling, performing research for the clients to support the implementation of business strategies.
  • Associate Business Consultant – The associate consultant is the entry level consulting job which a fresh graduate attains after finishing the study. Companies hire these professionals on stipend basis and are normally referred as trainees.

A minimum of bachelor’s or master’s degree in the required field is demanded by the companies along with some handful experience and a thorough and in depth knowledge of the field as well as the new and changing market trends and strategies to tackle the immense competition in the market.