Corporate Business Hierarchy

Corporate Business Hierarchy will systematically define the levels that corporate employ for defining the roles, duties, levels of power distribution in their working structure. Many people work in a corporate business. But obviously they all do not work at the same levels. They work as well as operate at different positions.

They employ different authorities provided to them by the owners of the business. Hierarchical arrangement of these positions is called Corporate Business Hierarchy. These levels are defined below in a descending order. At the top are placed the highest level of the hierarchy and at the end are the lowest level. At every level, every person has to carry out different functions & roles individually. Have a quick look at all these levels.

Corporate Business Hierarchy
Corporate Business Hierarchy

Administrative Level

This is the top level in the Corporate Business Hierarchy. This top level incorporates professionals who hold great expertise in administration work. Entire Corporation’s working is planned, managed and executed by these higher level professionals. This level of the hierarchy consists of following four sub levels –

  • Company’s Board of Directors – These are the representatives of the company’s Shareholders and stakeholders, hence are majorly responsible for taking all the major decisions of the company.
  • Chairman – Mostly he is one of the boards of directors elected mutually by other members.
  • Managing Director – Sub ordinate to the chairman is a managing director. Sometimes he is a board member while sometimes not.
  • CEO – A CEO reports directly to the MD and works accordingly to order of the MD.

Executive Level

These are the middle level professionals in the corporate business hierarchy. These work at the executive level. This level of the hierarchy consists of following four sub levels-

  • President – These are operation officials who take care of the daily executive level work of the corporate.
  • Vice President – Some companies acquire this level while some not. As the name implies these professionals work under the shadow of president.
  • General Manager – A general manager takes care of all the functional areas of a business.
  • Head of the Departments (HODs) – These are the professionals who are head of the different departments of the business. These departments include Human Resources department, marketing department, sales department, finance department, technical department, IT department and many more.

Supervisory Level

These are the lower level professionals in the Corporate Business Hierarchy. These consist of supervisors who lead a team for the business. There are different supervisors according to different sectors of the business. These are selected and appointed by executive level professionals of the hierarchy.

This is also referred to as Supervisory or Operative level. Their major job duty lies in controlling and directing the entire lower level employees of the corporate. These professionals though have limited power & authority but perform important job duty of getting the entire work done ardently from the workers & employees. They often report to the middle level management professionals.