Cricket Team Hierarchy

Cricket team hierarchy will have all the associated groups of cricket in a proper manner. It’s not just 11 players who play cricket. It incorporate numerous other professionals who are behind the screen but are equally important in making the cricket games run smoothly & enjoyably for the fans. Let us have a quick look at the cricket team hierarchy which is as follows

Cricket Team Hierarchy

  • Playing Team
  • Administrative Group
  • Team Management
  • Coaching Team
  • Technical Team
  • Medical Team
  • Supportive Staff

Playing Team

 The playing team undoubtedly lingers at the top of the cricket team hierarchy since if there are no players there is no game. Total of 16 players (11 playing & 5 as additional conserved players) incorporate the team. They all are required to be mentally as well as physically fit to represent their country.

Administrative Group

The administrative group in cricket is worldwide known as the Board of the nation. For example, for India the administrative group is BCCI, Board of Cricket Control for India. This particular board has administrative members who take care of all the important management and administrative decisions for the cricket at national level. All the decisions related to cricket, from state level to national level are their responsibility. Unquestionably this group resides at the second level in the cricket team hierarchy.

Team Management

 Team management is next in the list of the cricket team hierarchy. This group is entirely different from the administrative group since this group only manages the team which includes the interaction of players & coaches with media, press conferences, the arrangement of team in hotels making sure the team is following the rules & regulations etc and many more such things which revolves around the team only.

Coaching Team

 Coaches play a critical role for any team of any game. The same is the case of cricket. Earlier there used to be just 1 or maximum 2 coaches for any cricket team but these days the trend has changed. The coaching team further has a hierarchy of its own which is as follows –

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Technical Coach
  • Batting Coach
  • Fielding Coach
  • Bowling Coach

Technical Team

 The technical team or staff are technical professionals who provides their assistant to the coaches and the players for any sort of technical help. The team is led by a technical coach and generally usage of computers, projectors and other technical equipments are done for serving the players.

Medical Team

 A medical team is always there with the team since every athlete may require medical assistance at any time. These include

  • a general doctor
  • a physiotherapist
  • a masseur
  • a conditioning doctor (kind of psychiatrist)
  • a yoga expert

Supportive Staff

 There are numerous more persons in the team that do their roles assigned to them. These are under the support staff but these vary according to the nation to nation.

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