Croatia Police Hierarchy

Croatian national police comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior. All the activities of the police are overseen by the General Police Directorate which is an administrative body that comes under this Ministry.  This General police directorate is managed and headed by the General Police director.

Like the police force of any other country or nation, Croatian police too follows a certain hierarchical system according to which an individual works hard at a certain position and can be promoted to a higher position after every few years.  The Croatian police are basically divided into 3 hierarchical levels which are given as follows:

croatia police hierarchy

  • Police station
  • Police administration
  • General police directorate

The heads of each of the police station report to the heads of each police administration who in turn report to the General police directorate.

The hierarchy of the ranks of Croatian police are given as follows:

Chief police advisor

The position of the chief police advisor comes right at the top of the hierarchy pyramid and is given to that individual who has spent the most number of years serving the Croatia police force and has an impeccable record and track. He/she acts as the main power and decision maker in the police matters and handles the crux of the administration.

Police adviser

The next position in Croatian police hierarchy is the position of the police advisor who reports to the chief police advisor and holds an important place in the police force of the country.

Chief inspector

As far as the administration of police stations is concerned, the chief inspector is placed at the highest position and is responsible for making sure that all the stations are working as per norms. The chief inspector holds a position of respect which is gained due to bravery, honesty and hardwork.

Independent inspector

The next position is that of the independent inspector who handles issues related to solving of crimes, handling administration and management of sub inspectors and performing other similar duties.

Senior inspector

A senior inspector’s position is one associated with a lot of experience, respect and skills in the field and also in the office. Senior inspectors handle paperwork and lead a team of officers.


An inspector is an integral part of the police administration and is the main person responsible for solving a particular case and eradicating crime from his/her area of placement.

Independent police sergeant

Every police station has a few independent police sergeants who are responsible for making sure that the crime rate is low in their particular area or region. These individuals work bravely and must assist inspectors and senior inspectors.

Senior police constable

A police constable can be promoted to the position of a senior police constable after a few years of experience and after performing bravely at the previous position. Every police station has a number of senior police constables.

Police constable

The position of the police constable comes at the bottom of the pyramid and is taken by a person who has the least experience or expertise.

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