Cycling Team Hierarchy

Cycling for most of us is just a regular activity that we do or used to do in your childhood days but for a large number of people, it is an intense sport which they either enjoy watching or are a part of professionally.  There are a number of international cycling sporting events which are held each year and proper leagues involving cycling teams from all around the world competition against each other.

But what is interesting to note is the fact that there is a proper hierarchy structure which is followed within a cycling team. The hierarchy makes sure that things are well managed and responsibilities are distributed clearly. If you wish to know more about the hierarchy of a cycling team, then you can read the following given details:

cycling team hierarchy


The topmost position within a cycling team is that of a manager. It is the manager who oversees the commitment of the team, keeps the team together and also is responsible for the general operations. The team manager is also responsible for the sponsorship of the team and handling the major outside operations.

Directeurs Sportifs

The next position in the hierarchy of a cycling team is given to the  Directeurs Sportifs.  This is the person who goes with the core riders team to all the races and helps them formulate their racing strategy.  In case of international or bigger teams, this person often drives team cars and has radio connect with the riders.


The next position is that of the team coaches. The coaches are responsible for the overall training and fitness of the riders. The coaches are involved with the team throughout the year, even when there are no ongoing race competitions.


Doctors are responsible for the wellbeing of the riders and must be present with them on tours to ensure that they get treatment if they are hurt or injured.


Therapists work under the coaches to assist them in their everyday jobs and look after the fitness levels of the riders.


Soigneurs for a cycling team are those who are responsible for assisting riders and escorting them. They must also feed, clothe and massage the riders during the races or before.


Mechanics are responsible for taking care of the equipments involved in cycling races and fall at the bottom of the hierarchy


Riders are not placed at any particular level of hierarchy but form the core part of a team.

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