Departmental Store Job Hierarchy

A department store is basically a retail store which may or may not belong to a bigger company or chain of retail stores. A departmental store generally houses more than one product and products belonging to various different categories.  To handle the functioning of a departmental store, several employees or workers are hired.

It won’t be wrong to say that there is a hierarchical system followed for smooth functioning and operations of a departmental store. Starting from the top, the power and responsibilities of workers of a departmental store keep decreasing down the pyramid of hierarchy. The following is a detailed hierarchy structure of a departmental store.

A) Owner of the Departmental Store

Irrespective of the size of the departmental store, there is always an owner who is responsible for the entire functioning, operations and profit and loss of the store.  He/she is the one who hires employees, has the power to fire them and also decides on which products should be sold at the store. The Owner can also be called the CEO or president of the store, depending upon the size of the set up.

B) Store Operations

Store operations is that department or segment of a departmental store which is responsible for administration of the store, management of the premises and the day to day operations that are being carried out. Within this segment of a departmental store, the following are the job positions or hierarchy.

1. Store Manager-The store manager holds the topmost position in the departmental store’s management and is responsible for ensuring smoothness of operations. He/she is in touch with the customers and looks into their queries and complaints.

2. Cashier-The cashier is the one who collects payments and hands over change to the customers. He/she looks after the cash flow and keeps track of spendings and earnings.

3. Loss prevention officer-Some departmental stores may hire a loss prevention officer to make sure that all products and items are intact and there is no loss.

4. Sales Executives-The sales executives are the ones who ensure the sale of product or items and hold top position in sale
Salesperson-a salesperson is responsible for helping out customers as far as selecting of products is concerned.

C) Marketing

Marketing is an important arm of any departmental store and is that segment which deals with popularizing of products so that they are sold effectively. Depending upon the size of the store, the marketing may either be a separate department or may just have a couple of marketing experts.

1. Visual Experts-Visual experts try to improve the visibility of the store as well as its products.

2. Promotions-Promotion of the store.

3. Public Relations-This too is a part of marketing management

4. Marketing head

5. Marketing manager

6. Marketing executives

D) Merchandising

Merchandising is the department which is responsible for purchase of products for the store. It includes inventory control, planning and buying.

E) Human Resources

This is the department which deals with training and employee recruitment.

F) Finance

A separate finance department is often found to be a part of a departmental store and consists of accountants and credit officers.