Dimeo Crime Family Hierarchy

The Dimeo crime family is a fictional mob family from the hit HBO series Sopranos family.  It is considered to be loosely based on the DeCavalcante crime family which is a real New Jersey Mafia family. The Dimeo crime family comprises of an administration and five crews. It is believed that this family was formed in New Jersey in the 1950s.

In order to make sure that everything is in proper order, the gang is divided into different levels and different positions, the leader or head of which is the Boss. To understand the crime family hierarchy better, you can go through the following given information.

Dimeo crime family hierarchy


The administration of the Dimeo crime family consisted of not just the family members but also others who were hired from outside the family. It was the family members who handled the administrative and managerial tasks. They were the ones who made most of the decisions for the entire gang or group. The following is a list of the various family members belonging to the Dimeo family:


The highest position in the Dimeo family is that of the Boss. It is the boss who is responsible for taking all the major decisions. It is the responsibility of the boss to give orders, make plans and make sure they were implemented in the proper way. No one is allowed to cross the Boss and his word was the final on all the matters.


At the second highest position in the Dimeo crime family comes the Consigliere who can also be considered as the right hand to the Boss. It is the Consigliere who was given the maximum power by the Boss and is the one who gave orders to those working below him, in the streets and on the field. Silvio ‘Sil’ Dante served as the Consigliere from early 2000. The Consigliere is responsible for making sure that every major criminal activities went on smoothly.


The third highest position in the Dimeo crime family is that of the Underboss. The Underboss was the number 2 man of the Boss and this title was held by Paulie Gaultieri for a long time. The Underboss is responsible for several activities and wore a lot of hats. It is his task to ensure smooth hiring, delegation of duties and their implementation. Most capos and soldiers reported to the Underboss.


The Capos are those members of the Dimeo crime family gang hierarchy who worked on the instructions and orders of the administrative staff. It is the Capos who handled the field tasks and other functions. They not only made sure that the assassinations, kidnappings and thefts were handled carefully but worked on the field themselves.


Soldiers are placed at the bottom of the hierarchical order in the Dimeo crime family and are the members of the gang who worked as the eyes and ears of those above them. They carried out small tasks and were always on the field protecting the senior members.