Drug Gang Hierarchy

A drug gang, which is also known as a drug cartel is a criminal organization that is formed with the main aim of controlling and promoting drug trafficking in a certain area.  Drug gangs may be involved in either loosely formed agreements to formal commercial agreements.

Every drug gang around the world has a certain organization structure or hierarchy on the basis of which positions and roles of gang members are decided.  Even though this is not a formal organization but these positions and levels remain pretty much the same across the world for drug cartels. The following is a detailed hierarchy structure of a drug gang for your reference.

Drug Gang Hierarchy

Drug Lord

The position of the drug lord is the highest in any drug gang or drug cartel around the world.  Also known as Capos in Spanish, the drug lord is responsible for not just leading the gang but also supervising it. The drug lord must appoint subordinates, appointing territorial leaders, forming alliances and also planning high profile operations and executions.


This is the second highest position in a drug gang and the person at this post is responsible for administering and supervising the hitman and the various falcons who are within the area or territory. The lieutenants take orders directly from the drug lord and can carry out some of the low profile executions on their own without the permission of the leader.


Hit men form an important and essential part of any drug gang. These individuals work under the lieutenants and are those who are armed to carry out field activities.  They carry out assassinations, thefts, kidnappings, extortions and executing protection rackets. The Hitmen also have to do the main task of defending the turf or plaza from rival groups, police and military.


Also known as halcones in Spanish, the falcons may lie at the lowest position in the pile but are very important to the gang.  They can be considered as the ears and eyes of the gang and are mainly responsible for reporting and supervising the activities of the rivals, police, military and other people.


Besides these core members of the drug gang, there are some other people who are involved in the operations but from outside.  These include drug producers, drug suppliers, money launderers and financiers.  The gang also includes of arms suppliers who work in a completely different circle.

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