Education Queensland Hierarchy

Queensland is an Australian state whose capital is Brisbane and is known for its beautiful shoreline and beaches. Queensland follows an education system which is known all over the world, especially for the sophisticated organization structure followed.  There are both public and private schools in the state but both follow the education hierarchy set by the government.

The education hierarchy in Queensland follows a three tier system but another education system which is now included is pre schooling.  If you wish to find out about the education hierarchy in this state of Australia, then you can go through the information which has been given as follows.

Education Queensland hierarchy

Preschool Education

In Queensland or rather in Australia, pre schools are not the compulsory first steps towards education and most of them are also unregulated.  This is the level where kids are exposed to life outside their house and is mostly related to playing, identifying colors, shapes, animals, birds, numbers and alphabets. Little emphasis is on the education but the primary goal is for kids to open up.

Primary Schools

The next level of education in Queensland is the primary level. This is a mandatory education level and is considered as the foundation for the future of each individual. Primary school education is focussed on math, language, rhymes, stories and other such subjects.  In some of the schools, primary level education may be divided into lower primary level and higher primary level. Mostly, kids attend primary level from age of four to age twelve.

Secondary Schools

The next level in the education system of Queensland is the secondary school education. This is a compulsory level of education in Australia and is also known as elementary education.  This level is followed by tertiary education and is a level where students are introduced to more complex areas of study like science, history, geography, arts, music and others.  A child enters Secondary school education by the age of 12 years and leaves it by around 17 or 18 years.

Tertiary Education

This is the last and highest level of education in Queensland. This is the level which is not necessarily compulsory in his state but is often considered important for pursuing a successful career ahead. Tertiary education consists of college education, university education, diploma courses and even higher levels of education like Master’s.  Many types of professional courses too come within this wing of education in Queensland.