Egyptian Military Hierarchy

The Egyptian military hierarchy witnessed many structural changes. The Egyptian military ranks were thoroughly changed after the fall of the monarchy during the 1952 revolution. Even the crown was replaced by the Eagle of Saladin and Arabic ranks came into existence by demolishing Turco Egyptian ranks by the end of 1958.

This was a period of complete restructuring of armed forces. These all ranks are incorporated under the rank of commissioned military officers. The Egyptian military hierarchy is described from the highest rank to the lowest rank as below:

Egyptian Military Hierarchy
Egyptian Military Hierarchy
  • The highest rank in the Egyptian military hierarchy is Field Marshal. This rank is the highest commissioned officer rank and rarely held. Currently Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, chairman of the Supreme Council of the armed forces is residing at this royal post ever since the resignation of former president Hosni Mubarak in 2011. There is no specific period assigned for serving this rank.
  • The next highest rank but lower to Field Marshal is Colonel General. In Egyptian military hierarchy, the Colonel General possesses a four star rank. This is second highest commissioned military officer rank.
  • The next rank in the Egyptian military hierarchy is Lieutenant General. This rank is lower to the Colonel General but higher than that of Major General with three star military rank.
  • The rank higher to Brigadier General and subordinate to Lieutenant General is Major General, a commissioned officer military rank. This rank is basically a two star military rank.
  • The next in the hierarchy and a subordinate to Major General is Brigadier General, a one star military rank. A Brigadier generally commands a brigade consisting of about three or more battalions.
  • Colonel is the next military rank in the Egyptian military hierarchy and abbreviated mostly as Col, a commissioned military officer rank.
  • The next military rank is of Lieutenant colonel in the Egyptian military hierarchy. A Lieutenant Colonel is basically an in charge of the battalions in the military and acts as a subordinate to the Colonel.
  • The rank senior to the army Captain but a junior to the Lieutenant Colonel is Major, a rank of commissioned officers.
  • The next rank in the Egyptian military hierarchy is that of a Captain. This rank lies lower to the Major rank but higher to the Lieutenant rank in the hierarchy. The Captain rank is normally considered to be the highest rank a soldier is able to achieve while remaining on the field. The Captain is the commander of the group of the soldiers.
  • The lowest rank in this hierarchy is of Lieutenant.But in Egyptian military hierarchy this rank is further sub divided in two categories which are discussed briefly as below:
    • The senior most in the rank Lieutenant is the First Lieutenant, a commissioned officer military rank.
    • The junior to the First Lieutenant is Second Lieutenant, a junior commissioned officer military rank.

This was a brief structural introduction of the Egyptian military hierarchy.

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