Entertainment Business Hierarchy

In entertainment business hierarchy comprises of various entertainment mediums and their hierarchical positioning. The word entertainment is a kind of activity which gives a recreation or allows people to entertain themselves in their free time. It may also give fun, laughter and enjoyment. People may make their own type of entertainment, like when they unexpectedly invent some games; participate with enthusiasm in an activity which they find enjoyable. In entertainment business hierarchy, there are different kinds of ways through which people can entertain themselves.

The entertainment industry consists of a large number of industries which are devoted to the field of entertainment. The entertainment industry is a thrilling and amusing industry to work in. There are various sources of entertainment such as radio, television, films, music, computers etc. In entertainment business hierarchy, various sources of entertainment categories are given as follows:

Entertainment Business Hierarchy

  • Cinema Entertainment – In entertainment business hierarchy, cinema entertainment is a type of visual entertainment. In this type of entertainment people gets entertained by watching different types of cinemas or films. Various cinema halls and multiplexes are there through which one can get entertained.
  • Music Entertainment – In music entertainment people get entertained by listening to various kinds of music such as folk music, rock music, pop music etc.
  • Internet Entertainment – In internet entertainment people get entertained via internet. By internet surfing people can do various activities. There are also different social networking sites by which one can get entertained. Internet entertainment is one of the most common ways of entertainment in today’s world.
  • Gaming Entertainment – In gaming entertainment one can get entertained by playing various kinds of games. Internet games are very common in gaming entertainment.
  • Prints Media Entertainment – Through print media entertainment people can entertain themselves by getting various information on current affairs across the world. They can also get knowledge about different topics.
  • Sports Entertainment – Through sports entertainment people can entertain themselves by taking part in different indoor and outdoor sports. They can also get entertained by simply watching these games in stadiums and on television.
  • Educational Entertainment – Education entertainment is the process of educating people through some types of entertainment. It is all regarding educating people about different issues in some entertaining ways. The common way of education entertainment is through story telling.
  • Cultural Entertainment – Cultural entertainment is the kind of entertainment in which people get entertained by participating in various cultural activities which are organized by various groups and institutions.
  • Spiritual Entertainment – In entertainment business hierarchy, spiritual entertainment is the type of entertainment which people gets through various spiritual activities such as listening to spiritual music, visiting various meditation centers and other spiritual places.
  • Health Entertainment – In health entertainment people get the knowledge about various health issues in an entertaining manner. Various fitness centers and health clubs are there for health entertainment. Through these places people keep themselves healthy and also get entertained.

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