Environmental Management Hierarchy

Environmental management basically refers to the splendid and well customized management of an organization’s environmental programs in a systematic, comprehensive, planned and documented manner. The environmental management hierarchy includes the systematic arrangement of the organizational structure, planning and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining numerous policies for amorous protection of the environment.

These management professionals implement methods of sustainable resource management and environmental protection or they educate others about them. There are various management levels in the environmental management hierarchy but all cannot be explained here. So the major levels in the environmental management hierarchy are described as designations from the highest management level to the lowest management level in brief as below in this article. Just have a quick look –

Environmental Management Hierarchy
Environmental Management Hierarchy
  • Designated Agency Safety and Health Official (DASHO)
  • Bureau Safety Manager
  • Bureau Environmental Protection Specialist
  • Regional Directors
  • Regional Safety Professionals
  • Government Environmental Management

Designated Agency Safety and Health Official (DASHO)

This is the highest group in the environmental management hierarchy. This official group effectively exercises the power and authority of the management and administration of the USGS environmental program. Further their job duty incorporates ensuring adequate resources are available for the Safety and Environmental Management branch, and they also keep on supervising the environment based projects.

Bureau Safety Manager

This is the second highest group in the environmental management hierarchy. This group of professionals is responsible for managing environmental planning policies along with covetous procedures that are required to ensure that all the major decision takers of the significant environmental impacts are informed of the alternatives, consequences, costs along with the mitigating factors.

Bureau Environmental Protection Specialist

Bureau Environmental Protection Specialists are professionals who are responsible in developing and updating the handbook of the primary USGS policy. Along with this, the Bureau of the Environmental Protection Specialist also provides their exquisite and explicit support to the USGS facilities and organizations in their functioning.

Regional Directors

This group of the environmental management hierarchy ensures the consistent interpretational application of the environmental policies at the USGS facilities. Also these provide help in the annual executive summaries of the regional success stories, activities along with the different issues. Their major task revolves around in providing the oversight for the regional program.

Regional Safety Professionals

Well this is an amorous group of the regional manager, regional safety manager, regional safety officers and regional environmental protection specialists who all together work explicitly in supporting regional organizational managements in commendably carrying out the responsibilities of the environmental management. This group also serves as the focal point for information of issues related to USGS activities of the region.

Government Environmental Management

The governmental environmental management officials serve as a commendable group to improve environmental performance in the world. They work in providing a systematic way of managing a region’s environmental affairs along with Focusing on the continual improvement of the environmental system in society.