European Racial Hierarchy

Racial Hierarchy describes the categorization of various races on the basis of their physical and perceived attributes. Based on these characteristics the races are ranked at the top or at the bottom of the Hierarchy. In the similar way, the European Racial Hierarchy is used to describe the Hierarchy graph of the races of entire Europe. The Europeans were sensitive towards the prejudice of the races in early twentieth century which gave rise to the European Racial Hierarchy. The racial prejudice was mainly among the blacks and the mulattos.

The racism was initiated on scientific basis evolving the advantageous means for mass on top Hierarchy and overshadows the mass at bottom Hierarchy. The whites and blacks in Europe were so distinguished that the blacks were not allowed to study in private schools which were especially built for whites. Whites had separate hotels and clubs while blacks did not had permission to have the pleasure of those entities. It evolved with the difference in the attitude, appearance and behavior of the people and hence differentiating them in different categories.

Undoubtedly, the racial classes in the European Racial Hierarchy were struggling with each other but at last the superior class was on the top, resulting in the mixture of intermediate and the lower classes and hence strengthening their power which proved out to be very beneficial for the group. The blacks were very dissatisfied with the service being provided to the whites and hence they started protest for their rights.

The racial standards were set only on the basis of color. Many potential individuals put a step forward in order to sustain the equality among the society and its people and hence resulting in the equality of nations and rights. The racism in Europe at that time did not only shatter the personalities of the individuals but as well as the social, economic and potential growth of the nation itself. There was a fair distinction between the various classes of the society which were organized and treated as a Hierarchy. The people who belonged to the lower levels of Hierarchy were considered evil and were treated brutally.

It was also observed that the European races in the European Racial Hierarchy were further divided into three different broad categories and these are the European Man, the Alpine Man and the Homo Contract us. These races belonged to Germany, Southern Europe and European Jews respectively. Out of these the race from Germany racial Hierarchy fought back in order to attain its rights. The protests and the struggle of the races for surviving helped them to recreate their own nations. Some people thought that racism in Europe was based on scientific facts while others thought that racism was invoked by the difference in the ideologies of the societies.

In order to ensure the integrity of the society, many questions were raised by the protagonists that were directly propelling the ideologies being described by the races in early twentieth century. The concepts like Racial Hierarchy in Slavery, colonization and the racial genesis is more prone in violating the humanity and its rights.