Event Management Hierarchy

Event management hierarchy reveals all the management groups involved in explicit event management trend. There are numerous levels in the event management hierarchy group but all these cannot be discussed here in this article. But some of the major and important levels of the event management hierarchy are discussed below in a manner of ladder that starts with the utmost management level in event management while ending with the lowest one. Just have a quick look –

Event Management Hierarchy
Event Management Hierarchy
  1. Event Coordinator
  2. Event Planner
  3. Client Service Event Manager
  4. Event Manager
  5. Event Assistant

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are the top level management officials in the event management hierarchy. These professionals are responsible for managing as well as coordinating all the crucial work details that are required for an event’s proper smooth working with huge immense success. These management high level officials normally work as freelancers as well as on committed manner. They are hired by organizations, trade associations, corporations as well as non-profit associations to work for them. The events managed by these high officials include sales meetings, trade shows, employee appreciation, business meetings, virtual events and many more such events.

Event Planner

Event planning may seem quite easy to people but it incorporates numerous things to be handled at the same time. This position just simply does not mean planning a party like we all do. This management position requires lot of skills along with management qualities in a professional to be an exquisite event planner. This management position is all about vision, details, facts and organization along with the amorous means to pull off both small and big events without any problems.

Client Service Event Manager

This is also one high level management job title in the event management hierarchy. These are commendable and admirable professionals whose major job responsibilities revolve around maintaining an exquisite and fine communication with the customers of the company. Satisfying the customer’s queries come under their job duty for the benefit of the company. These professionals team up with the sales staff and operational staff in order to improve the service level for the company.

Event Manager

The event manger is a professional normally responsible to make sure that all the events and shows go on smoothly. These people handle everything of the event on practical basis from scheduling to catering to decoration. All the people performing this task are handled under the explicit supervision of the event manager. In short they manage everything of an event not on paper but on practical basis.

Event Assistant

Event assistants as the name implies provide their amorous assistance to the high level event management officials in envisaging the event plans, conceiving and producing the events under the supervision of high event management officials. Their major core job areas involve exhibitions, festivals, product launches, conferences, fairs along with other social events. These professionals work effectively and efficiently as a part of the event management team.