Fashion Jobs Hierarchy

Fashion is the World of designing clothing and lifestyle accessories. Nowadays fashion industry is considered to be one of the most productive, interesting, glamorous and exciting career option. Fashion jobs could be the perfect option for individuals, if they have creative mind and style sense. In the fashion industry, fashion jobs hierarchy ensures the fame, success, glamour and good package for the professionals. To make a good structure and design layout, professionals has to use their fashion skills like creativity, originality and design sense.

The motive of fashion jobs hierarchy is to develop and maintain open and easy working environment which is quite helpful for the fashion industry for achieving goals. There are many different levels in the fashion hierarchy which are explained here.

Strategic or corporate level fashion jobs

In the fashion jobs hierarchy, strategic level is the top level. The key goal or mission of this level of fashion jobs hierarchy is to strengthen and support the vision of the fashion employees. These corporate professionals are responsible for developing a strong relationship between the operational level professionals and their clients. This strategic level professionals involves in product strategies, planning, designing and the brand making. A range of job titles in this fashion jobs level are described below:

Fashion Jobs Hierarchy

  1.  Strategic Manager – Designing & Crafting
  2.   Vice President – Creativity Management
  3.   Fashion Director
  4.   Chief Marketing Officer
  5.   Art Director

Tactical or mid level fashion jobs

As the word suggests professionals are related to planning and execution. These professionals are ranked as middle level in the fashion jobs hierarchy and are responsible for overall business. They have major role in fashion design processes and its resources. The professionals in this level of fashion jobs hierarchy function for the completion and execution of the design project. They encourage their staff to achieve the objectives by using strategic management of design guidelines and reach the highest level for the company. This level also has various job titles which are comprise of the following:

  1.   Tactical Design Manger
  2.  Fashion Design and Innovation Manager
  3.  Design director
  4.   Brand design manager
  5.   Visual identity manager
  6.   Production manager
  7.   Product Manager
  8.   Product Specialist
  9.   Marketing Manager
  10.   Public Relations Manager

Operational or lowest level fashion jobs

This is the entry level or lowest level of fashion professionals. These fashion officials perform under the supervision of tactical level staff. These professionals work together as a team to handle their fashion and design project smoothly with great ease. These are the professional those work to attain the goal of senior level professionals. Creditable work performance of lowest level employees is the one of the reason for the success of the project.

  1.  Team leader
  2.   Graphic designer and visualizer
  3.   Senior fashion designer
  4.  Article Manager
  5.   Crafting Manager
  6.  Corporate designer
  7.   Merchandiser
  8.   Public Relations Coordinator
  9.   Line Builder
  10.  Knit Designer
  11.   Textile Specialist