Feudalism Political Hierarchy

The feudal system refers to that political system which was found in Europe between the 8th and the 14th centuries.  This system of hierarchy was mostly found in agricultural backgrounds and most of the rights and privileges were offered to those who were among the upper classes.

Feudal system gave the main rights to the king who sat on the top of the pyramid or chronological order. The king then appointed the rest of the people on positions of power. To understand the feudalism political hierarchy or structure, you can go through the following given information.

feudalism political hierarchy


Kings or Monarchs hold the highest power in a feudal political system. The King was the ruler of the kingdom and owned all of the land of his/her country or ruling area.  The king not only decided the rules and laws of the kingdom but also had rights over all the assets and produce of that region as well.  He/she was the leader of the public and the lord of the political workers.  King could punish those at fault and award those who did for the welfare of the kingdom.


Under the jurisdiction of the king came the next top most position which was that of the barons or the nobles.  Barons or the nobles leased land from the king and this land was termed as manor.  This was the second wealthiest class in the feudalism days and were those who handled the main business and trading. Barons established their own legal system and set their own tax systems as well.

Nobles also served the royal council, provided food and lodging to the king, paid rent and taxes to the king and helped create goods and war weapons for the army.


Knights or vassals were the ones in the feudal system who held maximum physical power and capabilities to participate in wars etc. They took leased land from the barons and in return, they provided military service to the king whenever required.  They were also required to protect the king and the barons and were very respected citizens of a feudal political system.


On the lowest level of political feudal system were the peasants who were also known as the villeins. The provided food and services to the other superior people of the kingdom and didn’t have many rights or privileges. They were also the poorest of the land where the feudal system was followed.