Film Jobs Hierarchy

Making a film involves few major stages like content or development, production, direction and release which is more like running a business. The entire process of film making is divided into segments and the professionals are appointed in a hierarchical format for the smooth functioning of all the operations and tasks.

Film production comprised of intricate processes like balance aesthetic, financial and organizational needs. Making or shooting of the film is carried out at various places depending upon the demand of the story and it takes months and years to accomplish the film project. film company hierarchy jobs helps to make the film making process quite easy.  Film making involves different stages which are as follows:

  • Development
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post production
  • Distribution

First of all let’s explain about development of the film and film jobs hierarchy in this part.

Film Jobs Hierarchy


This is the initial stage of film making in which idea of the story is written. After selecting and writing the film story, writer and producer prepare few pages description and also finalize the characters in the film. The jobs hierarchy for this stage is written below:

  1.    Executive producer
  2.   Producer
  3.    Script writer


After the first stage the next step is to make the film in a well designed and planned manner. Director visualizes the film with the illustration and script of the film. Producer of the film present his budget and expenditure and finalize it with the director. Director is responsible for the selecting the actors which will fit in the particular characters. They explain storyline and idea behind the film. After confirming the actors, unit production manager manages the final budget and fix the schedule with the actors and directors. The film jobs hierarchy in this part is as follows:

  1.   Director
  2.     Unit production manager
  3.     Assistant director
  4.     Casting director
  5.     Location manager
  6.    Production manager
  7.    Director of photography
  8.     Director of audiography
  9.     Composer
  10.    Production designer
  11.     Art director
  12.    Costume designer
  13.     Storyboard artist
  14.     Choreographer


In this stage shooting of the film starts with the help of actors and crew members. The crew members prepare all the equipment s and actor’s wardrobe. Actors start acting as per director’s demands. At the end of the day director has to prepare the progress report and set the schedule for the next day. This part of the film making requires hiring of various types of profiles and the hierarchy for this stage is described below:

  1.  Property Master
  2.    Script supervisor
  3.    Photographer
  4.     Photo editor


This part of film making involves editing of the scenes and sounds. Sound tracks and songs are added in the film. The film jobs hierarchy in this part is written below:

  1.     Sound editor
  2.    Video/film  editor


This is the final stage for the completion of the film in which film is released in the cinemas and multiplexes.

  1.    Distributor
  2.     Area Manager
  3.     Box Office Manager