Florida Police Hierarchy

Any government or private organization requires a proper managerial division to function in the most efficient possible manner. Even the internal security force at Florida requires a similar system to manage its daily functions and appropriate various duties to look after the population of approximately 8000 people who are permanent members of the city.

Florida police hierarchy

With a thorough motto of community and policing- a partnership in progress, the city police department of Florida is a blend of extremely efficient and loyal employees who are committed to the highest standards of service and professionalism in making the city one of the safest places in the world to visit. Various levels at which this department works can be substantiated as:

Top level

At the apex of the Florida police department is the Chief of Police who takes all major decisions just like any other CEO of a company. He is assisted by the chief’s secretary in functions like outgoing and incoming correspondence, maintenance of personal files and other general office duties of the chief. He basically performs a supervisory function over all the departments under the police of Florida and ensures there smooth functioning and proper communication. This position is more of a signatory position which works as the face of the department and is directly accountable to people for any works of the police department in Florida.

Mediate level

There is division of the police into various departments that work right under the chief. These are;

Field operations; one of the most significant departments, it works in direct relation with citizens by virtue of one on one services provided to citizens. Headed by the commander of police, it is therefore in charge of many sections like patrol, special events, etc. Their main responsibilities include providing technical support and operational support to other local, state and federal law agencies apart from holding all records and investigating all crimes depending upon their intensity..

Ground level

With both sworn and non sworn employees, the department poses an example for all internal departments across the world. The top level is further divided into various departments within which many people are working on the ground levels. For example; communication section, crime analyst section, records section, internal affairs, etc. Further, they also handle statistics, technical updating, regulation implication and application strategies, etc.  Some other significant positions are that of major, sheriff, Assistant Superintendent, colonel, lieutenant, major, etc. Advancement from Officer to Captain is generally by appointment after successful completion of a series of examinations, and after the officer has sufficient time in grade. Grades above Captain are generally by appointment of the sheriff. In addition, there must be vacancies for a higher rank for anyone to be selected.

These are people working at the ground levels and hence perform important functions like lodging first hand complaints, investigating first hand cases and making first reports of the crimes committed in the city. Since they function at the grass root level, there strong base and functioning is the core of the organization for its successful development.

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