French Business Hierarchy

Rigid Hierarchies and structured functionalities are the insignia of French business. The business setups of France highly emphasize on hierarchical format of organizations for achieving effectiveness and efficiency.

French business hierarchy is quite popular as the French people characterize the business organizations through strong hierarchical structures. In the French business culture the positions, designations and their corresponding authorities are clearly defined.

In most of the organizations in France, the business hierarchy starts with the PDG (President Directeur General). The PDG acts like the CEO of the organization and carries the responsibility of designing the future directions for the organizations.

The French business hierarchy is majorly classified into three managerial levels showcasing the hierarchy of authority, responsibility and power, and at the top of the hierarchy lays the PDG. The following are the major levels of French business hierarchies:

French Business Hierarchy
French Business Hierarchy
  • PDG
  • Top Level Managers
  • Middle Level Managers
  • First Level Managers


President Directeur General

The PDG of the company exercises a centralist approach in the organization as the major powers and authorities in the organization are vested in their hands.  The President Directeur General in an organization is responsible for creating a performance oriented environment by setting up the organizational goals and objectives.

These professionals act as the policy makers for the organization and lay down the objectives to be followed at the lower levels of management. These are accountable for the overall performance and the achievements of the organization.

Top Level Managers

The top level managers include the Directors, Presidents and Vice Presidents. These professionals are responsible for overlooking and controlling the activities in the entire organization.

They are responsible for adhering to the schedules, objectives and goals set by the President Directeur General. The top management officers disseminate the vision of the organization down the line in order to make it implementable.

These officers follow a directive approach and are responsible for organizing the lower level managers along the rigid lines of functional responsibility.

Middle Level Managers

The middle level managers head the departments of the organization and are responsible for implementing a group level performance oriented environment. These are also responsible for diagnosing, analyzing and resolving the performance issues and problems for the employees working under them.

These are also responsible for establishing clear communication channels both in upward and downward direction to channelize the communications in the complex organizational network.