Gambino Family Hierarchy

Gambino is a famous crime family of New York which was one amongst the Five Families that were known to dominate the organized crime scene in New York City in the 60s.  The Gambino family was also known as the Mafia family and the group was named after the boss who was Carlo Gambino.

The crime family or group actually functioned as a hierarchical structure unit where the head of the family was known as the ‘Boss’ and held the maximum importance and responsibility.  Below the Boss were the other members of the mafia who performed a range of duties. The following is a detailed family hierarchical structure of the Gambino family.

gambino family hierarchyBoss

At the top of the family hierarchy tree was the leader of the group who was also known as the Boss.  It was the boss who made all the major decisions and gave orders and duties to all the other members of the group. Carlos Gambino held the position of the Boss during the reign of the Gambino crimes. Under the Boss came two important positions which are given as follows:


Under the Boss came the position of the Underboss who was the second in command in the mafia crime family. The underboss reported directly to the boss and enjoyed a lot of power and responsibility. He himself handled many aspects of the crime business and had the right to take certain important decisions as well.


The consigliere held an important position in the Gambino family and his/her position was similar to that of the Underboss. The Consigliere was a skilled counselor or diplomat for the family and reported directly to the boss.


Under the Underboss and the Consigliere was the Capos who was the captain of the various divisions in the mafia. The capos either reported to the Boss or sometimes even the Underboss. He held an important position and had great responsibility within the family.


The soldiers held the lowest position within the family and had little power. They only worked as per the orders and instructions of the Capos or Underboss and were often given on field tasks.


The associates were only helpers who came to the use of the Mafia every now and then but were not yet the part of the real family or group.  There assisted or helped the Gambino family in many of their criminal pursuits.