Genpact Hierarchy Structure

A multinational business process and information technology services company; Genpact has more than 65,000 employees spread across more than 25 nations in the world. With net revenues of more than $ 2.1 billion, it is one of the largest independent companies that provides with such external services in the international market.

This type of smooth functioning and ease in management is supported by a well defined system of hierarchical structure followed by the company at all level of organizations thereby making it one of the successfully developing companies.

Genpact Hierarchy Structure

Hence the management structure of the company is discussed below:

Apex level

It is the strong, active and an independent top level body that ensures a company’s success in the market. At the top level of the hierarchy of Genpact stands the CEO (chief executive officer) of the company. He is followed by a board of about 9 members comprising of top directors that help in taking all major final decisions, planning future goals and making strategic policies for the company. The basic function of people at this level of management is planning and controlling. They occupy the most deciding position in the company and also act as a face for it for the shareholders and the general public.

Middle level

This level functions as a mediator between the top level division and the managerial level. It basically includes a number of managers and heads for various departments like that of Marketing, Sales, Human resources, IT services, Legal, Digital, etc. Apart from executing the plans and policies formed by the top level, these are also required to guide and supervise the people at lower levels in the hierarchy. Since they are the mediate level they may only handle the major functioning and hence act as the backbone of the company.

A company’s efficiency and development is highly dependent on this level of hierarchy since they directly control the major chunk of working people of the company and thereby have a huge amount of power to affect the company’s long term growth and development.

Lower level

This is the base of the managerial base of the company that provides a base to its functioning. This level comprises of ground level workers, supervisory leads, brokers, etc. they don’t have a huge amount of decision making power and hence only execute the ground level objectives to achieve the goals set for them by the higher management. Reporting to the other two levels, they are accountable for all their functions at the supervisors and thereby in a constant check system of the company. This level is also further divide into various other functional divisions that help in improving the overall functional efficiency and smooth working of the company.

It is this level of divisional hierarchical structure followed by Genpact that has had a huge role in converting it into a global leader in digitally-powered business process management and services. Additionally it is all due to the strong managerial system that has ensured in deriving the best choices across technology, analytics, and organizational design.