Georgian Social Hierarchy

The Georgian era was the period of the British history which included the reigns or rules of Kings George I, George II, George III, George IV and continued from year 1714 to the year 1830. During this time span known as the Georgian era, there was a distinctive and clear divide in the society on the basis of their status, income and reputation. This social hierarchy was divided into three main classes which were the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. To understand this hierarchy in a better way, you can go through the information that has been provided as follows.

Ghana social hierarchy

The upper class

During the Georgian era or period, the upper classes became even richer since the value of land increased tremendously.  The income from rent too shot up and rich people of the upper classes began to spend money on luxuries like travelling.  The rich people usually took jobs of high status and had their own businesses and trades. They owned land, had servants and lived a life of aristocracy and politics.

The middle class

The second level class in the Georgian era was the middle class. This was that class which continuously grew in terms of income and status during this period and consisted of a large section of the society including businessmen, professionals, financiers, merchants, farmers and shopkeepers.  Since their income was on a rise, they could initiate a lifestyle that the upper class followed and started buying land as well. They saved a major part of earnings but also spent it on things that gave them a life of comfort.  They were trained professionals and usually had a good educational system background.

The lower class

The third tier of the social hierarchy in the Georgian period was the lower class. This class lived in the city and worked for long hours.  They had limited freedom, limited rights and limited power. This class was not given good facilities like medical aid, good food and basic supplies and usually lived a life of hardwork and misery.  People had to take up job from their childhood years to sustain themselves and their family.  A lot of them caught diseases due to bad living conditions. Some members of this class also worked for the upper and middle classes and ended up saving decent amount of money to climb up the ladder of social hierarchy. However this was a rare occurrence.