German Royal Hierarchy

German royals or the German nobility were those classes of individuals who enjoyed certain privileges over others and were in power till the year 1919.  These legal privileges that were given to German royals were abolished by the Weimar Republic in the year 1919.  This nobility is now not conferred or recognized by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Within the Germany royal privilege line, there was a hierarchy system followed, just like the modern day politics or governance. This meant that those at the top of the hierarchy pyramid enjoyed most of the powers and the power decreased as one moved down the pyramid. The following will give you more information about the same.

Reigning Titles

These titles were the borne rulers who had the birthright to supremacy and power and were borne to influential families. There was a certain hierarchy system within the league of the reigning individuals.  Some of the titles of the reigning members of German Royalty are given in the following lines Royal Hierarachy:

  • Emperor-The emperor held the highest position in the hierarchy of German royalty
  • Empress-The empress was the wife of the emperor and the most powerful women in the royal German hierarchy
  • King –The kind was second in terms of power and ranking in the German royal hierarchy.
  • Queen-The queen was the wife of the kind and held a high position in the German royal hierarchy
  • Electress
  • Electoral-Electoral came into being in the year 1356 and remained in power till the end of the year 1806.
  • Furst-This position was similar to the position of the Prince but only higher in ranking.
  • Princeelector
  • Archduke
  • Archduchess
  • Grand duke-The Grand dukes came after being after the Holy Roman Empire and remained part of the system of rulers till the German empire period.
  • Grand duchess-This title was held by the partner of the Grand Duke.
  • Duke
  • Duchess
  • Margrave
  • Margravine
  • Landgrave
  • Landgravine
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Count of the empire
  • Countess of the empire
  • Lord
  • Baron
  • Baroness
  • Imperial knight
  • Burgrave
  • Burgravine
  • Altgrave
  • Altgravine

Non Reigning Titles

Non reigning titles in the German royalty were those titles who belonged to the ones who were born into the non-reigning noble families.  These individuals inherited no real titles. The following is the hierarchy of the non- reigning titles of German royalty:

  • Crown prince
  • Crown princess
  • Knight
  • Noble
  • Young lord
  • Baron of the empire
  • Baroness of the empire
  • Count palatine
  • Countess palantine
  • Electoral prince
  • Noble lord