GTA 5 Gang Hierarchy

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.  This GTA 5 Gang is a very world famous gang which follows a hierarchy structure of organization.  The gang is headed by a leader and the gang members are then placed at different levels.

Each member plays a certain role and fulfils certain responsibilities depending upon the position at which each is placed.  If you are interested in understanding the gang hierarchy or organization of the GTA 5 gang, then you can go through the following given information.

GTA 5 Gang Hierarchy

Crew Leaders

Crew leaders or gang leaders are at the top most position of the GTA 5 Gang and is the one who heads and supervises all the activities and operations.  It is the crew leader who can assign special rank to all the other members depending upon their area of expertise, experience and dedication.  He has the maximum responsibility and is also in charge of appointing duties, making strategy and seeing to it that all plans are executed properly.


The commissions are the crew’s most trusted members and are the right hand of the leaders.  They are responsible for executing all the actions and are sometimes given the power to manage and administrate all the different aspects of the crew.  They act on behalf of the leader if the leader is away, ill or injured.  They can also promote other members and supervise the activities of all subordinates.


The lieutenants lie at the third level of the hierarchy of a GTA 5 gang and are made members with special privileges.  They are responsible for making sure that the crew is kept in check. They can hand out promotions, demotions among those who lie at subordinate ranks or positions.  They must maintain relations with arm suppliers, financers and others to make sure that the gang runs smoothly. Lieutenants work on the orders of the commissioners and carry out instructions for the welfare of the entire gang.


Representatives are those members of a GTA 5 gang who aid recruitment efforts and work on the field to represent the gang in front of rivals and clients. They are the armed members of the gang who carry out tasks like kidnappings, thefts, extortions and killings. They are often directly in touch with leaders or commissions and have the permission to recruit subordinates or muscles.


Muscle is the most basic or lowest level of a GTA 5 gang and is one which may not have administrative power but form the heart and soul of the crew. They are the ones which make the gang fearsome to the others by making threats, giving warnings and showing their aggressive and ambitious side. They sometimes also challenge superiors by showing their passion for the gang and are made to move up the ranks by the leaders or commissions. They report activities of rivals and police to the superiors and play an important role in the crew.

This is the structure of GTA 5 gang Hierarchy. Also know about MS 13 Gang Hierarchy.