Hierarchy DGM AGM

The DGM and AGM hierarchy involves the hierarchy of the top level management of a multinational company. DGM stands for Deputy General Manager and AGM stands for Assistant General Manager. These two posts are one of the most senior authorities in the hierarchal system of any multinational company, headed by the president and the board of directors. Below given is the hierarchy of DGM and AGM with their seniors as well as juniors in the list.

-Hierarchy Dgm Agm

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Chairman: The Chairman is the most senior person in the Hierarchy of DGM and AGM. He is often the owner of the company or in some cases, an expert appointed by the owner of the company. The chairman takes the entire final and important decisions related to the functioning of the company and develops important strategies for the progress of the company.

Vice-President: The Vice President looks after the execution of the policies and decisions made by the Chairman. He takes the important decisions of the company in the absence of the Chairman. The Vice President looks after the smooth functioning of the company and is answerable in case of important decisions being made by the company. Vice President is a position which needs an expertise person in the field.

Board of Directors: The Board of directors takes care of assisting the Vice president of a company. In case of a multinational company, the Board of Directors Corporate consists of representatives appointed for each country, who present their progress reports to the Chairman from time to time.

Chief Executive officer: The CEO is appointed in order to look after the day to day activities of the company in absence of the Board of Directors. He takes care of the ranking and promotion of the employees junior to him.

Deputy General Manager (DGM): The Deputy General Manager manages the actual employees of the company and looks after the Execution of the orders given by his seniors. In case if anything goes wrong in the functioning of the company, the DGM handles it initially. DGMs usually operate on Regional levels.

Assistant General Manager (AGM): The Assistant General Manager assists the DGM in all his activities and takes care of instructing the juniors in the absence of the DGM. The reports of daily work are taken by the AGM and submitted to the seniors in order to convey the progress to them.

Regional Manager: The regional manager looks after the functioning of a multinational company at the regional level. All the major reports of the regional progress are given to the seniors by the regional manager. A region usually includes continents or two or three countries considered together.

Country Manager: The country manager looks after the multinational company at a country level. All the branches of the company in a country are taken care of by the Country manager, who then forwards the inputs to his seniors.

Chief Manager: The Chief Manager has similar responsibilities to that of a country manager but is still a junior to the country manager. He instructs departmental managers and Head of various departments.