Hierarchy in Business Service

Hierarchy of business services typically defines all the possible levels in the business service field. Well business service is generally taken as a term that broadly defines work that maintains as well as supports ardently an enterprise or business but at the same time is not responsible for generating any kind of tangible commodity for the business.

The most common and influential example is the wide IT, the Information technology industry that provides services as well as support to almost all the fields of businesses today, from finance to shipping, but is not involved with any tangible commodity production for these. The hierarchy of business services is divided into six categories. All of these six categories are further described below in detail. Just have a quick look at hierarchy of business services which is as follows:

Hierarchy in Business Service

Analysis Service – Analysis Services in the hierarchy of business services offers a variety of services for building as well as organizing analytical databases that can be ardently used for assessment support in Performance Point, Excel, Reporting Services, along with some other company intelligence applications. Analysis is certainly the most imperative component of any business, and if done correctly as it lays strong foundation for all the business activities.

Management and Planning Service – The principle of a Management and Planning Service is to plan, manage and arrange out the goals as well as objectives for a company to ensure a smooth operation & functionality of the company for achieving the desirable success and growth. This service plays a vital, actually the foundation role in the hierarchy and is highly responsible for growth & development of the organization.

Elicitation Service – This process of service in the hierarchy of business services revolves around the collection of all the important data & information that is required by the business for smooth and hassle free operations and functioning on regular basis.

Analysis and Documentation Service – Analysis and Documentation Service in the hierarchy of business services serves the analysis of data and then saving it in a documented form. This service has numerous facets as well as approaches all encompassing dissimilar techniques and that too under a range of names, in different domains of business, social science or science.

Communication Service – Communication Service are services that deals in transporting data and information with the help of electronic mode. The most common example is the wide telecommunication service sector. This category of hierarchy of business services further gets divided into three wide parts which are as follows –

  • telecommunications – for communication vial telephone only
  • entertainment and media – for all sort of media as well as entertainment industry
  • Internet/Web services – for World Wide Web

Assessment and Validation Service – Assessment and Validation Service in the hierarchy of business services involves precise comparing, reviewing and evaluating assessment tools, processes, as well as all kind of methods along with the consequent assessment decisions.