Hierarchy in Engineering Company

Engineering companies are those companies that deal in commerce involving around wide engineering sector. Engineering field is a very deep field that incorporates various sub sectors and engineering professionals work in all such sectors as per their experience and expertise of the field. But what will be the hierarchy in an engineering company? It will be a proper systematic arrangement of all the job profiles associated with an engineering company.

The arrangement can be on the basis of job profile, duties, and power of decision making & authority of a person in the company. The hierarchy in engineering company is divided into three levels. The order followed here is chronological one under which the senior level profiles are placed at the top while junior ones are placed at bottom.

Hierarchy in Engineering Company

Administrative Engineering Company Level

The administrative engineering company level is the highest level of the company that incorporates professionals who are the main doers of the company. Entire decision making is under their supervision and they act as head of the company or the respective department they are in. The various job profiles at this highest level of the hierarchy in engineering company include:

  • Engineering Chairman
  • Engineering President
  • Information Engineering Director
  • Engineering Vice President
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Executive Engineer
  • MIS Director
  • Electrical Engineer Officer
  • Senior Engineer Administrator
  • Senior Manager – Project Planning

Managerial Engineering Company Level

These professionals take care of the lower level professionals while abiding & working as per the orders of the senior professionals. The professionals at this level are required to be highly qualified with vital years of experience and thoroughly proficient in the field. The various Engineering job profiles at this highest level of the hierarchy in engineering company include:

  • Network Architect
  • Hardware Systems Manager
  • Information Engineering Manager
  • Senior Manager – Programming
  • Senior Database Administrator
  • Senior Engineering Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Project Leader
  • I&C Engineering
  • Equipment Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Telecommunications Manager
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Senior Firmware Engineer
  • Staff Engineer
  • Head of Engineer Department

Operational Engineering Company Level

These are the entry level professionals and majority of times enter the engineering company as an intern or trainee. The various job profiles at this highest level of the hierarchy in engineering company include:

  • Engineering Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Application Engineer
  • I&C Engineering Analyst
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Network Engineer
  • Security Specialist
  • Cost Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Software Programmer Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • Software Testing Engineer
  • Technical Content Writer
  • Desktop Technician
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Analyst
  • Engineering Trainee
  • Engineering Intern

These were the major titles in an engineering firm which get changed depending on the type of firm and the industry vertical in which the firm is operating.