Hierarchy of Angels

The hierarchy of angels was revealed by St Dionysius who was a student of Apostle Paul. As per this theory, angels are classified into three categories, and those three categories are again classified into three orders. This implies that overall there are nine orders of angels. Following are the arrangement of the hierarchical structure of angels:

Hierarchy of Angels

First Hierarchy

The first hierarchy is segregated in three orders. The first hierarchy of angels is considered to be the holiest hierarchy and is most close to holiest trinity. The first hierarchy is classified into following three orders:

First Order (SERAPHIM)

Seraphim are considered to be the most divine creatures from the old testament of Hebrew bible. This class of angels is considered to be the direct caretaker of the throne of GOD.

Second Order (CHERUBIM)

These are the winged angels who are responsible for supporting the throne of GOD and they also act as the guardian spirits. According to bible’s reference, these angels were first referred to as the chariot of GOD and were later considered to the angels.

Third Order (THRONES)

This class is the last class in the highest hierarchy of angels and is considered as the symbols of God’s authority and justice. Various testaments have symbolized the importance of thrones in different ways but the common reference about this class of celestial creatures is that they are related to the throne of GOD.

Middle Hierarchy

First Order (DOMINIONS)

These celestial beings are considered to be dominative on rest of the classes of angels which follow behind this class. These are considered to send power to the management and governing authorities on earth, set up by GOD himself.

Second Order (VIRTUES)

This class of angels is considered as the symbols of divine strength and is responsible for blessing the saints with the power of doing miracles like foretelling the future or healing the sick.

Third Order (POWERS)

These are considered to be the defending angels, who defend humans and cosmos against the evil. They are also considered to have control over stars, moon, seasons and even sun. They are also responsible for providing grace and courage to the worthy & deserving humans.

Third Hierarchy


These angels are named as principalities, because they have command over the lower level angels. They take care that all the divine orders are being fulfilled. The angels in this class are also responsible for raising worthy & deserving people to higher & honorable levels.

Second Order (ARCHANGELS)

These are the most frequently referenced class of angels in the bible. They are responsible for acting as GOD’s messenger in the critical times. They are considered to be the heralds of good news, and reveal the knowledge, God’s will and prophecies to the humans.

Third Order (ANGELS)

This class of celestial beings is considered to be closest to the human beings. They fulfill the gap between humans and GOD and act as a bridge between the two. They carry prayers to the GOD, and GOD’s responses & messages back to humans.

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