Hierarchy of Media Company

Media companies are today one of the most accredited and busy companies in the industry. A media company may specialize themselves working in one field or may get itself involved in various field. The Media Company is broadly categorized in following departments –

Creative Department

This department majorly incorporates the following job positions which are also arranged in a manner of highest job position at the top and then proceeding further –

  • Creative Director – These professionals are required to develop the conceptual designs to meet up the requirements of the client in order to advance the company’s brand. These are required to figure out the best ways for visually presenting a company’s identity.
  • Art Director – Art directors are expected to design materials for clients and represent their company expectantly.
  • Copywriter – The major job duties include persuading customers to purchase a new product or demonstrating why a business needs a specific service.
  • Production Artists – These are fresher hired at entry level.

Production Department

Well this is also quite the most vital aspect of the Media Company since without the production department, the ads created by the copywriter and art director would be nothing more than words and pictures on paper.

Account Department

Account related professionals are hired to liaise with the customers in any Media Company. Majorly they handle accounting related work.

The hierarchy of Media Company is quite critical since it is such a wide field. Well to make it simple the hierarchy of Media Company has been categorized into these three core levels –

Hierarchy of Media Company

Senior Level

These are the highest job title attainable in the hierarchy of Social Media jobs in the media Company. Following are few profiles that get hold of middle level in the hierarchy of Media Company –

  • Director of Media Company
  • Chief Media Officer
  • Creative Director
  • Media Company Manager
  • General Media Manager
  • Chief Media Executive
  • Media Branch Manager
  • Art Director
  • Section Editor
  • Producer
  • Assistant Media Manager
  • Multimedia designer

Middle Level

This level features all the job profiles at middle executive levels. Following are few profiles that get hold of middle level in the hierarchy of Media Company –

  • Media Administrator
  • Copywriter
  • Production Artist
  • Corporate Communications Specialist
  • Reporter
  • Program Coordinator
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Media Information Specialist
  • Concept Development Manager
  • Publicist

Lower Level

The professionals at this level of hierarchy of Media Company incorporates both fresher as well as experienced one. Following are few profiles that get hold of middle level in the hierarchy of Media Company –

  •  Media Technical Supervisor
  • Media Information Officer
  • Photographer Head
  • Media Information Assistant
  • Web development expert
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Assistant Photographer
  • Technical Writer
  • Relationship Manager
  • Sound Mixer
  • Stage Hand
  • Media Analyst
  • Senior Media Associates
  • Media Mentor
  • Media Associate
  • Trainee