Hospital Jobs Hierarchy

Hospital jobs have always been the best option for individuals to make their career. Hospital jobs or healthcare jobs are related to management, administration and guidance of hospital. The hospital management professionals are termed as the health care professionals. Hospital jobs hierarchy has the different jobs in different departments and therefore all healthcare professionals have different roles and responsibilities. In comparison to other industries, the hospital jobs are more safe and valuable profession. Hospital staff has very few salary issues as this industry may not get affected even in recession.

Hospital jobs hierarchy has various options which are most suitable for females. Like nursing and administration are vital and quite important parts of the healthcare industry. The actual hotel management hierarchy is huge so it would be difficult to explain it in detail.  So in this article only the major levels or designations of the hospital management hierarchy are explained.  Starting with the top level it will proceed in descending order and will end with the lowest management level. The hierarchy is as follows:

Hospital Jobs Hierarchy

  • Dean of the hospital
  • Hospital administrators
  • Specialist surgeons
  • Normal specialist
  • Silent doctors
  • Nursing
  • Physician Assistant
  • Medical students or interns

Dean of the Hospital

Dean has the highest and uppermost level in the hospital jobs hierarchy. Dean is the highest authority amongst all management officials. In the hospital jobs hierarchy, the dean of the hospital is responsible for all administrative decisions. The dean is the leader of the hospital and carries out his/her duties very well.

Hospital Administrators

These healthcare professional also come in the top level hospital management. The major role of these officials is to help the dean fervently. They have to develop a smooth functioning in the management team of the hospital. These professionals are supposed to handle all financial and admin issues of the hospital.

Specialist Surgeons

In the hospital jobs hierarchy, specialist surgeons has a great importance as these are specialized surgeons. These healthcare officials are the master of their field and attain this level with years of practice and vital experience. Some surgeons also play some role in hospital administration.

Normal Specialist

These are the healthcare professionals of mid level. These are the medical professionals those have very strong command over their subject and so they are named as specialists. Urologists, cardiologists and oncologist come under this category.

Silent Doctors

These professionals also have their own importance in the hospital. The medical officials which include doctors like anesthesiologists, pathologists and radiologists also have the mid level in hospital jobs hierarchy.


Nursing, in the hospital jobs hierarchy, has the major role. Senior or head nurse assign the work to other nurses according to their capability and experience.

Physician Assistant

These are the professionals who assist the physicians during various medical treatments and operations.

Medical Student or Interns

These are the individuals pursuing their medical degree and during this they do practice in the hospital.