IBM Career Hierarchy

IBM is world leader in the field of manufacturing computers and its accessories. Company is also leading in designing software and offers numerous services related to this field. Company is full of smart and skillful people who are actively involved in helping worldwide industries to do something better, more productively and more efficiently.

IBM career hierarchy offers many opportunities to people to work in their field of expertise and also reward them for outstanding performance. Company offers stimulating environment to employees and power to design their workday according to their unique needs and styles. Company believes that demand of diverse employees is increasing globally and attractive work initiatives that retain them. The unique features of IBM career hierarchy are leadership qualities and customized professional development.

Following is the career hierarchy in IBM

IBM Career Hierarchy
IBM Career Hierarchy

Managing Director

He is head of company in all matters. He is responsible for loss or profit of the company. He needs to design strategic plan for the growth of the company. He needs to provide leadership and vision to the company.

Chief Executive Officer

He is the administrative head of the company and drives necessary changes in the organization. He has to look after day to day operation of the company for its smooth performance. He has to play communicator role between management and employees.

Board of Directors

It is the body of elected or appointed people. They have to advice managing director in every matter relating to finance and administration. They have to evaluate yearly performance of chief executive officer. They have to ensure organization about constant financial availability. They have to prepare annual budget of the company.

Technology Strategy Manager

Has to contribute to sale the technology solutions to clients. He has to tackle with competencies as well as has to create new business opportunities for the betterment of the organization. He has to communicate with senior management as well as clients.

Security Architect

He is solution and technology advisor with pragmatic experience of security domain. He has to make architectural models for solution credibility. He also prepares solution design methodologies and generates very high quality artifacts as per requirement of clients.

Infrastructure Architect

Has to concentrate on the designs of servers, non application software, physical facilities to support the solutions, middleware and networks. He has to consider client’s requirement while selecting the hardware and software components of the infrastructure.

Client Sourcing Manager

He is the communicator between company and client. He is responsible for category management and final sourcing solution for each client. He is also responsible for sales of technology and completion of sourcing solution activities.

Accounting Specialist

This person is responsible for finance department activities. He has to look after company’s accounting which includes expenditure as well as income of the company.

Senior Project Manager

He is responsible to complete projects within time taken by company. He is responsible for performance, quality, schedule, scope, cost and appropriate measurements required for completion of the projects.

System Programmer

He has to develop hardware, application and software as per client’s requirement. He has to solve problem and provide service on the spot to the client.